Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E16) “Cinco De Mayo”

The Heist is BACK! Who’s worthy of the belt?! Find out and see!


brooklyn nine nine cinco - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E16) "Cinco De Mayo"

“Cinco De Mayo” gave us an episode that we hoped we would get after NBC picked up the show from FOX. The Heist is back and even though it wasn’t on Halloween; it made it even better. The episode really steps it up from the previous Heist episode; even though Jake’s proposal to Amy was my all time favorite, this one comes close to second.

Just when you think that either Jake could win it; because he’s Jake Peralta, one of the best detectives out there. But when it stopped on an injured Terry, after all, he’s gone through a lot in this episode just trying to take his mind off of the lieutenant’s exam. But the shocker comes when the winner is actually Terry and the scheme that got him to win was all planned out all the way to Halloween of last year as that gas explosion was part of his plan.

As much as I have said about every episode of this season; because this has really been Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s best season by far; but this was literally the best episode of the season. The writing was as strong as ever; even the character development with adding Scully’s twin brother was a shock to the television viewing system. Adding Kevin to the mix made it even better and not to mention Jake and Amy tasing each other with their gifts that they got each other was just hilarious.

Overall, I give this episode a 10/10.

What did you think of the episode? Leave a comment and tell us what you thought. Was it the best episode of the season? Was this Heist better than last season’s?

You can catch Brooklyn Nine-Nine one-hour season finale next Thursday at 9/8c on NBC.