Fam Canceled After 1 Season

Hi guys, sad news from me today.


 CBS has announced that “Fam” will not be returning for a second season.

The story of “Fam” revolved around Clem (Nina Dobrev) who dreamt of a better future with a better family, together with her fiancée Nick (Tone Bell). Besides the main couple, the show revolved around Shannon, Clem’s half sister (Odessa Adlon), Nick’s parents, Walt and Rose (Brian Stokes Michael and Sheryl Lee Ralph) and Freddy, Clem and Shannon’s father (Gary Cole).

I gotta say, I am not surprised, the ratings were never exceptional just average I always was afraid it would get cancelled, however it doesn’t make this less more sad. Anyways guys, thanks for staying with me with my weekly “Fam” reviews

Love, Jo (@living4series)