Life In Pieces (S04E05) “Sonogram Frog Rub Family”

From trying to know the sex of the baby to live the best of your life. Here’s a recap of this week’s episode of Life in Piece. You might want to grab a tissue or a few.


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As Jen and Greg go in for a sonogram for a check up on the baby, they decline to option to know the sex of their baby. But Greg wants to know so bad as he hopes for a boy. Stealing the sonogram photo, he keeps the photo in his pants pocket but throughout the day or two something comes around like spilling or water. But Jen takes it and throws in the trash only later to look at it and get Tim’s point of view to say it’s a boy. That is until the next sonogram; which turned out to be a girl.

Clementine and Tyler found a frog and brought it to show Sam and Sophia, but they learn that the frog is a danger to the California environment and must kill it. As much as Clementine and Sam don’t want to kill it, they try to get one of the family members to do it, but don’t let Greg do it even though he said he killed an opossum. They try to do roulette with the frog in one bag upon four bags and they throw down a brick at the same time; just as they did it Clementine tells everyone that she lost the frog before switching the bags.

Tim is living his best life right now and boy does it get annoying with the family. Even Heather doesn’t want to be around Tim anymore. When Heather and Joan gets Tim to hang with John; it turns into a following as John had almost gotten killed by the loose saw blade that passed him and now Tim and John are kissing everyone, including Matt and Heather.

The final story in the episode was probably the best one out of four; as a worried Matt and Colleen try to get an update about Morgan and the baby. When the adoption agent makes a phone call, Matt and Colleen meet a young boy who took a piece of candy and soon left only for them to learn that Morgan had decided to keep the baby. Heartbroken as they are, as Colleen talks to Matt about it, that same little boy came to them and gave that same piece of candy to cheer them up. As he left to go play and get ready for his adoptive parents; Colleen and Matt learned that he’s going to foster care; I think they might take him.

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LOS ANGELES – OCTOBER 3: “Sonogram Frog Rub Family” — After Tim has a heart attack, he becomes super clingy and annoys the entire family. Also, Greg and Jen make a pact to keep their baby’s gender a secret; Sophia’s new pet frog turns out to be a dangerous species; and Matt and Colleen receive news about their impending adoption, on LIFE IN PIECES, Thursday, May 9 (9:30-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured (L-R): Dan Bakkedahl as Tim Hughes, Ana Sophia Heger as Lark, Giselle Eisenberg as Sophia Hughes, Holly J. Barrett as Samantha Hughes, Niall Cunningham as Tyler Hughes, Hunter King as Clementine Hughes, Zoe Lister-Jones as Jen Short, Colin Hanks as Greg Short, Dianne Wiest as Joan Short (Photo by Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images)

This was such a very good episode from start to finishing on such a strong note. The fourth story of Colleen and Matt was the best story and the most powerful one; it really captured the moment of a couple not able to get the child; as the mother decides to keep the child. As sad as it was to watch them go through with that, that little kid really shined a light on them that made me laugh and cry. The story is coming at a time when adoptions are a topic of conversations these days. Life In Pieces is really ahead of its time and topics; kind of like Parenthood did years ago. Strong writing with such an amazing performance from the cast. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

This recap/review comes off less than a day after CBS announced that Life In Pieces has been canceled after four seasons. That’s a load of crap coming from a Network that put quantity over quality. They keep shows with higher rated even if it’s crapy show over lower rated shows that are very good.

Look at NBC, FOX, and ABC; on their sitcoms and see that they kept shows even when the ratings were down. Shows like Superstore, New Girl, Parks and Recreation, even Fresh Off The Boat all have had lower total rating numbers, but the networks have renewed them because those shows are not only beloved by many fans, critics and viewers; but those shows have quality.

I’m sorry but Man with a Plan is not a great show; yet CBS has renewed it on Friday but canceled almost their entire comedy lineups. I think that CBS should reconsider un-canceling Life In Pieces; bring it back and place it in the fall and not a month till the end of the damn regular television season. Let’s try to pull a Nine-Nine for them!

I’ve been a fan of Life In Pieces since I first heard about it; I thought that this was different family sitcom than I’ve seen before. By far the best ensemble cast in a family sitcom. They just fit like a real family that I really want to see week in and week out. I just love them. And the writing on this show is unbelievable with what they pull off is amazing and brilliant.

Thank you for letting me rant.

What did you think of the episode? What are your thoughts on the cancellation of Life In Pieces? Were you shocked?  Leave a comment and tell us what your thoughts.

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