MacGyver (S03E22) “Mason + Cable + Choices”

The season finale for MacGyver has now come and gone, leaving an impact on viewers. The writers have worked their magic, giving fans a proper send off until season four comes around. It was another heart-stopping episode, but nothing less is expected. This is MacGyver, after all. (Spoilers Ahead)

Same Evil, Different Day

When a “false” bomb sighting takes an unexpected, and deadly turn, MacGyver (Lucas Till) gets a call for aid from an old friend. Charlie (Emerson Brooks) is back, but when he’s on the scene we know the situation is dire. There’s nothing MacGyver won’t do for his friends, and this case is no different. When Charlie shows up missing before the cavalry arrives, it’s up to the Pheonix Foundation to track him down.

macgyvers03e224 - MacGyver (S03E22) "Mason + Cable + Choices"
Charlie trapped and no way out. (Photo: Screenshot By Author of review)

Riley (Tristin Mays) is able to work her impeccable skills, tracking Charlie’s phone to a nearby hotel. All is not well though. It seems as though the mastermind behind the bomb that almost took Bozer’s (Justin Hires) life, is playing a little game with them. Charlie is trapped in an elevator that is also triggered to cut the cable wire if tampered with. MacGyver has found a way out of tougher situations, but this one is different.

An ominous phone call from the evil mastermind shows the true depths of horror. The controlled device is sending out a signal, talking to another in a building nearby. Where another devious trap lies in wait. An intricate bomb that would destroy the building and the hundreds of innocent lives that inhabit it if it should go off. There needs to be a way to disarm the danger, but an ultimatum is put in place instead. MacGyver must make the choice between saving Charlie or Hundreds of innocent lives. Tick Tock.

macgyvers03e221 - MacGyver (S03E22) "Mason + Cable + Choices"
The power is in Mason’s hands. (Photo: Google)

This is the first time where MacGyver seems to crumble under the pressure. With a pep talk from his dad (Tate Donovan), he snaps out of it long enough to form a plan. In the world of science, when there is a will, there is a way. Too bad all his effort was for nothing, it seems as though the bomber is two steps ahead of MacGyver. There is no way to get Charlie out. In a devastating goodbye, Charlie asks Mac to find whoever did this. He knows there is no other way, as he activates the device and the elevator plunges, killing Charlie on impact.

It was a shocking and heartbreaking moment, but it also gave MacGyver the drive to push forward. Grief can do that to people, give them strength in moments of chaos. Reaching back into the realms of science, he is able to uncover the scratched off serial numbers of the device. They found him, and instead of walking into another trap, he’s exactly where they need him to be. It’s all too easy though, there’s more to the bigger picture.

Just keep going

With the madman on their turf now, they know who he is, just not the why’s behind his destruction. His name is Elliott Mason (Peter Weller), a former FBI agent with a grudge. His son fell victim to a senseless death when he was on a special assignment. Who executed the orders? Who was behind this secret mission? Oversight. That’s when it all falls into place. Mason wants James to feel the anguish he feels. Suffering through the loss of everything he ever held dear.

This was all part of his plan though, and Mason shows that he will stop at nothing to destroy it all. Knocking MacGyver out with a cleverly disguised nerve agent and escaping. Although he doesn’t leave Phoenix, he goes straight to their servers. He’s the one who has been behind all the unknown mayhem from the beginning. With the building on lock-down and everyone trapped, they are right where he wants them.

macgyvers03e226 - MacGyver (S03E22) "Mason + Cable + Choices"
What Would MacGyver Do? (Photo: Screenshot By Author of review)

If we know anything about the team, they are never ones to back down. The building must be evacuated and Oversight is trapped. Good thing Desi (Levy Tran) remembers a thing or two from her time with MacGyver. All it takes is a little ingenuity to get the job done. Determined to end this new reign of terror, MacGyver stops at nothing to bring him to justice. Too bad he didn’t account for the escape helicopter waiting for Mason on the roof.

The family unit, safe again

This won’t be the last we see of Mason, that I can guarantee. No one else died, but the loss of Charlie isn’t far from MacGyver’s mind. He will fulfill his promise one day. As the team gathers around the fire, as they have done every other episode, it’s sobering. They made it through so many horrific experiences, and yet they are still there to tell the tale. The family unit is still whole. Desi makes that clear when she mentions Jack and the fact that he misses all of them dearly.

macgyvers03e225 - MacGyver (S03E22) "Mason + Cable + Choices"
MacGyver deserves the truth. (Photo: Google)

The season has come to a close, but fans can rejoice that it will be back in September. What would an episode be without dropping a significant piece of information without closing? Oversight is all about the truth now. He was the reason Mason’s son is dead. Why? Well, he died in place of MacGyver. Just when their relationship was on the mend, all it takes is one moment to destroy it all.

Until September MacGyver fans, it’s been a blast!

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