Superstore (S04E18) “Cloud Green”

As Cloud 9 tries to stay clean for Earth Day, someone has a hard time letting go who’s in charge. Here’s a recap!

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With it being Earth Day week at Cloud 9, Amy tells the staff that corporate wants everyone to be Earth-friendly when doing certain things. As Jonah tries to be the spokesperson for the team; it doesn’t go so well and leaves it with Cheyenne and the rest to form their own Green Team. But Jonah comes back after seeing how fun they are having; soon worked together under Jonah in Charge.

Glenn gets his Pastor to come to Cloud 9 to advertise and speak out to those in faith; but it’s a shock to Amy because Glenn never asked her for permission. After letting it slide, the Pastor drives Amy and Dina a bit crazy and kicks him out of the store. This upsets Glenn and he throws one of the biggest Glenn fits that we’ve never seen before. It turns into one of the funniest scenes between Amy and Glenn when Glenn highjacks Amy’s office to talk religion, but as Amy starts to write up Glenn for his behavior, Glenn started to help Amy with how to do things as manager and it was quite a scene ender.

“Cloud Green” was good but it got better as the episode moving forward. As much as I enjoyed the staying green at Cloud 9; it wasn’t anything close to the Amy and Glenn storyline in this episode. That was probably the winner of this episode. I enjoyed so much watching the character development of Amy and Glenn that even if they fight, they are still there at the end when Glenn helps Amy with managing things that she still doesn’t know how to do. I thought that the story was brilliant. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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