Superstore (S04E20-21) “Scanners”/”#Cloud9fail”

Here’s a recap of Thursday’s one-hour episode of Superstore!

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Another fun episode with games and even setbacks. Here’s a recap!

As Amy announces that Corporate wants everyone to cut down on their hours per week. With a whole lot of bad feedback, Amy tells everyone that it’s Dina that settled the schedule because she can take all those sad stories and throw them away; but not this time as Dina suffers from back pain every time she hears sad stories. She finally snaps and gives everyone all the hours that they need, even talking with Amy about it they agreed about cutting others employees’ hours like Jonah.

It’s a fun time at Cloud 9 when the store gets new digital scanners. It soon becomes a game between Team Yogurt vs Team Soup and the winner who can scan everyone from their opponent’s team wins. After making some moves, Jonah and Glenn fell for Cheyenne’s injury as they got scanned, but what Garrett scanned was their own tags.

I very much enjoyed this episode, from Jonah vs Garrett battling who can scan the most to Amy and Dina dealing with the hourly cutbacks. I just love that scene when Amy is down on the floor with Dina and not only help pull her leg, but also asking about what she watches and it was YouTube. Why? Because it has everything on it that you ever need. That’s a classic scene right there. Very good story and character development. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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Not only does Cloud 9 deal with more hourly cutbacks but deals with social media shamming that even bring HR. Here’s a recap!

With more hourly cutbacks, Cloud 9 is not only dealing with shorter hours but also one hell of a messy story that even customers post photos and videos of it on social media. When Amy talks to Corporate about it, she learns that they can give her more hours if needed. With that in mind, Amy and Jonah decide to do more on social media to get more hours but it turned into a visit from Luanne (guest star Chrissy Metz), from the HR department.

Luanne knows that it was an employee because they used the passcode WiFi at the story. That lead her with Dina to look at the security cameras but the only thing that they saw was Garrett releasing Dina’s birds. Don’t worry I’ll get to that later. Soon Luanne talks with Amy and Jonah about the person’s pass searches and soon Carol shows up tell Luanne that it was Sandra because she saw Sandra with her boyfriend in the previous episode and wants to get back at her.

Sandra gets fired and not only is sad for a bit but gets pumped from the staff who cheered for her to fight the power of Corporate. We see Sandra doing something that we’ve never seen her do before and it was fantastic!

Also, Dina pulls Garrett aside and get him to see something…it was his sneakers collection in flames. She gets even with him and tells him that she knows what he did to her birds. Not to mention that the employees try to use their time to have a garage sale; someone needs to tell them what Superman #1 is worth and Micky Mantle rookie card too. Crazy!!

“#Cloud9Fail” was another fantastic episode from beginning to the end. Chrissy Metz’s performance was very good and even the scene with Dina was hilarious. Welcome to Cloud 9, Chrissy!! The Amy and Jonah story was very good; I couldn’t get enough of it as they try to figure out how to get out of the situation. And not to mention, Dina finding out about her birds. That really bit Garrett in the sneakers. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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You can catch Superstore Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.

FYI: Next week’s episode is Sanda’s Fight. I kind of wonder if we’re gonna see Sandra like we never have seen her before.