Chicago Fire (S07E20) “Try Like Hell”

From a mysterious fire to will they, won’t they; here’s a recap of this week’s episode of Chicago Fire.



NUP 186466 0354 - Chicago Fire (S07E20) "Try Like Hell"

When Firehouse 51 comes to an apartment/salon on fire; both Severide and Boden get word that it might be arson and the owner of the salon is the suspect. But Severide doesn’t think so in his opinion and soon proved that theory that it might have been set up by someone else. Later on, Severide tells Boden that something seems so familiar like he’s seen this case before; right when he figured it out he found the case file of the same arson case in Benny’s cabin. We got ourselves a cold case to solve!

Casey and Brett get a bit close and helped each other with their relationship problem. Brett tries to set up Casey with a friend of hers that works at the gym, but she didn’t think it so after the game night they had had. But she tells Brett that he’s perfect for her as they really connected playing charades. Even Casey tries to talk to Kyle about Brett about the same thing. Hell, you know I’ve been saying Casey and Brett look like a relationship starting to bloom after the second episode.

Also, Mouch, Herrmann and the gang get called out by another firehouse for stealing a piece of equipment. Of course, they tell them they returned it; even Boden gets an invoice for $1,000 for the thing and even called their chief on the phone about it. But the guys found that piece in their own firehouse and tried to take it back with Kidd’s help but plan failed and Boden not only apologies but made Herrmann, Kidd, Mouch, Cruz and Otis clean that other firehouse’s trucks.

“Try Like Hell” was another awesome episode that really got two storylines that will carry into the season finale; one being the mystery arson case that has reappeared and two the relationship between Casey and Brett. I think with this cold case arson that it will not only give Benny some closure but I think Severide with his relationship and that he can let it go.

The Brett and Casey thing seem to be going pretty smooth and building up. Will they really come to grips on it or will they push each other away? I’ve said it since episode two of this season and I think that they should try it and I think it would really work out. When playing charades Brett was given clues and Casey got it right; Emergency the TV Series (look it up!). Also, I took a poll on twitter during the show and a good margin wants them to be in a relationship.

The episode was good and had some standout moments like Boden standing up for his firefighters. Plus Severide standing up for the lady who lost her salon.Good writing, good character development, and overall good performances. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

What did you think of the episode? Are you on the Brett/Casey relationship bandwagon? Leave a comment and tell us what you think.

You can catch Chicago Fire Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.