Supergirl (S04E21) “Red Dawn”

Alright guys and gals we had a great episode brought to us, and it was really good! Are they beginning the dark arc for Brainiac-5/Brainy where it leads to his demise? The Public Enemies story arc is coming to a close; Will they lead to another story arc that may lead down to an even greater foe for the next season? We will discuss a whole lot for this review so lets get this started!

So in this episode we are finally getting closer and closer to the end of the story arc that started 4 episodes ago, the Public Enemies story arc is finally coming to a close by next episode on the season finale which I’m surprised they chose to make it a total of 5 episodes for the whole story arc, which is interesting because I always saw it as only a 4 episode run but I’m also glad that they chose to make it all the way to next weeks episode so that way they can easily lead into the next season with a whole new villain that might be worse than Lex. They might have even hinted a little bit about who the next big bad villain might be with this episode but we will get to that in a little bit.

Okay so it was finally revealed which I always had suspected and even threw down a theory about this back in one of the earlier episodes reviews. President Baker (Bruce Boxleitner) is indeed working with Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) because Baker handed Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) over to Red Daughter (also Melissa Benoist) where the two of them finally had their meeting and Kara was able to observe how twisted and messed up Lex made Red Daughter. Even when Kara tried shedding the truth about what Lex was really trying to do, Red Daughter just saw Kara as a corrupt alien who doesn’t stand for justice but stands for the evil and that Red Daughter is the one that stands for the justice which is a lie. We all know that Kara has done so much good with these last 4 years and has saved cities within those years too. After their little talk Kara was able to escape but was also injured so she had to pay a visit to Jon Jonez (David Harewood).

Kara was even contemplating on wither or not to re-reveal her identity as Supergirl to Alex (Chyler Leigh) but Jon told Kara what would happen if she broke the wall way too fast that it would drive Alex insane possibly to a point that she would not recover from. So Kara asked Jon what if Alex remembered on her own, and Jon even said that it would be possible that she would be fine but it would be hard to tell for sure. It’s one of those things that has to be thrown into a point of faith.

With this whole episode it was all about Red Daughter and Kara leading up to their final battle and if it wasn’t for Col. Haley (April Parker Jones) for putting her differences to the side she was able to finally be in the circle of helping Supergirl for clearing her name now that she knows that the President is helping Lex. With the information that Col. Haley was able to help by finding out what Lex is really up to by finding a way to make Lex Luthor make himself look like the hero, which we’ve seen him try doing so many times in so many stories of Superman, but will he succeed?

When Red Daughter took Eliza (Helen Slater) hostage that’s when it drew the final straw for Kara and the two of them had their round one and possibly only battle to see who would win. I wonder if Eliza has superhero insurance; is that a thing in this universe? It should be, I mean Eliza’s house kinda got ruined with that showdown happening in her home and things didn’t look too good for Kara with the fight with Red Daughter. And we all knew Alex wouldn’t just stand to the side while Kara took care of the whole thing. With their fight, Red Daughter almost killed Kara and for the first time felt compassion over how Alex was feeling until she heard chaos and went to try to stop it not knowing that Kara was right all along that Lex would eliminate Red Daughter when he had no more use for her. Now that Lex is being seen as a hero how long will it last, honestly not long at all. I think next episode which is the season finale we will see Kara take down Lex and expose him as the fraud he really is and expose President Baker as a criminal which we all know he really is one for going so low as to believing Lex can give him everything he ever needs.

Now that’s not all what had happened, we also saw a huge change in Brainiac-5/Brainy (Jesse Rath) which for everyone that has seen the old animation series’s Justice League Unlimited and Legion of Superheroes, know that there was an arc where Brainy’s former Brainiac selves did take over in his code and forced him to become another evil Brainiac which from the looks of Brainy in this episode of Supergirl, we see exactly that happening to him now. Only I think it’s going to go a different direction for this series like how it did for those two different animated series’s so we shall see but it doesn’t look good for poor Brainy because for those who remember those animated series’s know that it lead to Brainiac-5’s death and then had to rebuild Brainiac-5 into Brainiac-6 but a better version that would never be corrupted by the elders of the Brainiacs ever again, but will this happen; like I said we shall see.

Finally, I have a theory as to where all these aliens are being sent to, I have a feeling that they are all being taken to Mongul, for those that don’t know this character he is an alien warlord that works on creating weapons of destruction but also of creating an arena to see which aliens are the strongest in the universe. And if Mongul has gotten word that Supergirl is the greatest champion/warrior of Earth then he would very much like to test out Supergirl’s strength and would give him a reason to perhaps want to test out aliens of Earth. But I guess we will find out sooner or later.

Next Episode: Supergirl (S04E22) “The Quest For Peace” airs Sunday May 19, 2019 at 8/7c on The CW