Arrow (S07E22) “You Have Saved This City”

Alright guy and gals we had a phenomenal season finale brought to us tonight and yes it was phenomenal! We were opened to post crisis, will Emiko’s plan come full circle? Will Mia ever get her super suit? What will Oliver be doing for most of Season 8 until the crossover event? We have a lot to talk about so lets get to this review!

So in this episode we finally saw the Ninth Circle’s plan trying to become full circle but it wasn’t exactly the plan that they wanted to have thrown into action, and since Emiko (Sea Shimooka) was not pulling through the Ninth Circle had forced Beatrice to come to handle things which I have to honestly say because she did make it out of that exploding building with evil Irish Virgil (Christopher Gerard) and I have a feeling that they will be a promising future threat. I mean did you see her action, her moves, she has the makings of a badass. Beatrice literally could be the one who was leading Kevin Dale (Raj Paul) in the flash forward scenes to destroy Star City. After all Ninth Circle’s plans all along was to destroy Star City. And because Emiko made it all about her family’s revenge over destroying Star City the Ninth Circle wanted Emiko to die.

Oliver (Stephen Amell) admits that he did want to kill Emiko for what she did seven years ago forcing his life, Sara’s live, Tommy’s life, so many lives be changed and some were killed but it was an epiphany that he had that forced him to be able to change to help Emiko become the better version of herself instead of being a villain. But in the end sure enough Emiko did choose Oliver’s side but it was too late she had already gone into the side of death and died in Oliver’s arms. I have to admit this whole Emiko arc was an interesting one definitely different from her comic book side but I liked it. I just wish we could’ve had a short little redemption arc in Season 8 for her but oh well I guess the writers couldn’t really make one especially Season 8 has to be fast paced with it being only 10 episodes you know.

But there were many great action scenes, many great sequences that had phenomenal special effects, this season really brought us what Stephen Amell had promised a more comic accurate season which is something the fans have always been wanting but didn’t fully get but we finally did and we loved this season so much. I can’t wait to get the soundtrack for this season.

Now Oliver and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) had to go into hiding in order to give birth to Mia (Katherine McNamara) but just as we had gotten the happy family setting we saw  The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) return to retrieve Oliver. It was time for Oliver to go with Monitor to help him through the Post Crisis of the Multi-verse. But here’s what we all must be wondering, is Oliver going to be traveling throughout all different Earths on Season 8 recruiting different heroes of different Earths to come to Earth-1 to fight in the main Crisis of Infinite Earths storyline? I mean rumor has it we might be getting some Smallville characters return for a special episode, we might be getting a special Birds of Prey episode air so these could be episodes where Oliver comes to them to recruit them to help out. Only one way to find out by tuning in later this year for Season 8!

Now we also see The Monitor come back in the flash forward scenes after Felicity and the old team pass the torch for Mia, William (Ben Lewis) and Connor/Little John (Joesph David-Jones) and now that Felicity is able to be with Oliver again in death this was indeed Felicity’s exit of the show.

We will definitely miss Emily Bett Rickards, she brought us an awesome character that we all Olicity shippers came to love and cherish and her character will always be in our hearts. We will definitely miss her as we watch Season 8 unfold and watch our other heroes make a difference! Thank You Emily for bringing Felicity to life for seven years and becoming a great character in the Arrowverse.

See you all in Season 8 in the Fall!