Bull (S03E22) “Pillar of Salt”

It’s a “Pillar of  Salt” but not in the usual sense, in this season’s finale. 

In New York at Sacred Heart Hospital, Lizzie Newton, 3 years old is brought into the E/R. She’s  in her (step) mom’s arms.  Something  is wrong!

The child looks unconscious.  Later, she dies; by way of a lethal overdose of salt!   

Angela Newton (Annie Heise) is arrested. The tabloids call her  “The Soho Step-Monster ”  2nd degree murder.  Lizzie had bruises .

David Newton (David Alan Basch)  meets with Bull.  He believes his wife, is innocent. “She would not hurt that child,  She adored her!”  He wants his wife home, now, whatever it takes. Benny,  a sucker for a man who loves his wife, is in.  Sweet

Meanwhile, in breaking news:…NOT! Isabelle “Izzy” (Yara  Martinez ) is getting divorced …again. Something about Infidelity. Bull calls her, leaves a message, “I’m still here”   

Sidebar: The  music is back.  “Lost in Japan ” (Shawn Mendes) is the background music, tonight. Nice  

Later that day, Benny, claiming Big Brother status,  tackles Bull. He was Derek Morgan in the best of ” Criminal Minds”. 

Hearing Bull “seduced” his sister…after she kissed him first, set  Benny off.  Love him, but grow up and stay  in your lane Benny.  “Nun’ya”(business)

“The Baby Jingles store owner, Susan Gray’s  (Lilli Stein) testimony was damaging. She heard Angela say unkind things about Lizzie, during a morning of parental frustration. Benny was brill on the cross.  She was neutralized in short order.  Love him.  Score 11-1, favor of the prosecution

In other news: Marissa is at The fertility clinic. Her 8 year old frozen eggs are good.  Her husband’s “swimmers” are not . Rather than hurt him, she claims to longer want children. A sad yet touching sacrifice. Looking forward to that miracle in season 4.

Back in the court room, further abuse claims arise, when the bio mom, Tara (Piercey Dalton )  reports red pepper on the  3 year old”s tongue.  Punishment?? 

Yet  Lil Lizzie was putting everything a 3 year old could find in her mouth!  Angela, put the red pepper  as a deterrent.  Their family Peds Doc  recommended it.  I’ve actually heard of this before, but the pepper was used for thumb sucking. 

It was definitely a very different  “who dunnit”; how and why?  Although it wasn’t obvious, the cause of death initially,  after the reveal it was clear. Perfection 

Oh. Benny quit the  firm and Bull’s having a baby! 

Bull returns sometime in the fall. It’s renewed for its 4th season. Till then,  it’s on Demand and the CBS app. Catch up!,