Legends of Tomorrow (S04E15) “Terms of Service”

Alright guys and gals we had a great episode brought to us tonight and it was a good one! What is Neron’s plan for the human race? Will Constantine find Ray? Will there be complications during the missions, we will talk about all and more in this review so lets get this started!

So in this episode we see the Legends having to deal with Possessed Ray/Neron (Brandon Routh) master plan and for the entire time it’s been a plan that we all have been having to guess and wonder about and finally we get a glimpse as to what his great plan is. And apparently the whole master plan is to bring the human race to Hell by sending as many souls as possible to Hell by those who use the great monster finding app. I mean using technology against the human race that’s like making the machines kill people. Which is smart but still I don’t think a lot of people are going to download the app without proof of monsters in the world.

While the Legends tried stopping Neron, they had another problem to deal with the creepy Gary (Adam Tsekhman) and his annoying Godmother/Tabitha (Jane Carr) and Godmother wanted the Legends to die really bad but she shouldn’t of trusted Gary to make the wish, I mean he’s too stupid to make a wish like that. Like seriously if that Fairy Godmother wanted someone to wish the Legends dead they should’ve went to someone else who has hatred over the Legends but no, instead she went to the most stupid person that has no thinking ways. I mean all what Gary wanted was to be given a chance by not being treated like a door mate or like a man whose a slave instead of an actual employee.

But while all of this was going on Constantine (Matt Ryan) was having not the greatest time in Hell since most of the demons that he sent to Hell all heard of his arrival and wanted to rip him to shreds. but I will admit that they did Hell more well in this series than they did in the Supernatural series, I mean don’t get me wrong that other series is great but Legends has done a lot of things way better than other shows. So we had Constantine make a deal with the high ups in Hell which means he needed an audience with them. Constantine’s only hope was to get Ray’s soul out of Hell and to be on his way until the Devil made a wager to find out which one he will choose. He had to choose which soul he wanted to save either choose Ray or Astra. It didn’t help that Constantine had flashbacks of when he told Nargal he couldn’t have Astra and Nargal took her anyway but we’ve all seen that moment play out in Constantine’s head many times. But dang it Constantine I know you feel guilty about Astra but you didn’t have to choose Astra because now Constantine has to stay in Hell because Astra didn’t want to leave. I mean I understand why Astra doesn’t want to leave, it’s because she’s adjusted to her life in Hell so much that she wouldn’t know how to live on Earth anymore so to Astra’s thinking now her home is Hell. And now she is going to be the one to torture Constantine for like eternity. If it wasn’t for Gary making the wish for Fairy God Nora (Courtney Ford) to go to Hell to retrieve Ray and Constantine I think Constantine would’ve been screwed, so now Constantine has a chance to be saved in the next episode which is the season finale!

Next Episode: Legends of Tomorrow (S04E16) “Hey, World” airs Monday May 20, 2019 at 8/7c on The CW