Mary Kills People (S03E01) “The Key to Faith”

Mary Kills People, has broken through barriers and has brought light to an interesting and serious issue. The third and final season is upon us, and it’s already shaping in to be something truly amazing and horrifying, all rolled into one. (Spoilers Ahead)

Time waits for no one

Some time has passed since we last saw Mary Harris (Caroline Dhavernas). Life doesn’t stand still, not for the doctor of death. The “hospice” is no longer a distant dream, it has become a reality. The service they offer is actually helping people, even the dying deserve a choice. Des (Richard Short) is doing what Des does best, offers his expertise minus the bedside manner. It’s hard to get attached to people when you know they are there to die.

marykillspeoples03e013 - Mary Kills People (S03E01) "The Key to Faith"
Everyone deserves a choice. (Photo: Screenshot By Author of review)

With Nicole (Charlotte Sullivan) at the helm of the operation, her whole life is at risk of falling apart. That is if it is revealed what their true intentions are. There is still a stigma that surrounds what they do, even if it’s for a greater good. There is no room for error or mistakes, but if those didn’t exist there wouldn’t be much of a show. It adds to the virility of the show, and the writers are brilliant at bringing these stories to life.

The secrets always come out

Life has changed for each character, and some are dealing better than others. There has always been an internal struggle inside of Mary. Not knowing why she does, what she does, for others or for herself? That is a question that doesn’t seem to have answers. Outside of hospice operations, she does “death dealings” in secret, with the help of Annie (Grace Lynn Kung). The cases which don’t fit into the guidelines of the hospice, those who have nowhere else to turn.

There is a lot of death in this episode, more so than others. It’s to be expected when one surrounds themselves with the sick, terminal, dying. Even the strongest person can crack under that type of pressure. With one too many close calls this episode, there need to be extra precautions put into place. The last thing they need is someone walking in at the wrong moment, then the dream would be over.

You can’t run forever

One of Mary’s “private” consultation does garner the unwanted attention of the police force. It seems as though her would-be patient decided to take matters into her own hands, overdosing on her own medicine, barely hanging on to life. A choice had to be made, give her the sweet release she needs, but since she wasn’t alone in the house a report had to be made. Now Mary and the hospice are on the radar, and it could very well end in disaster. At least Des is clued into Mary’s “extracurricular” activities now.

marykillspeoples03e012 - Mary Kills People (S03E01) "The Key to Faith"
Des, the picture of growth. (Photo: IMDB)

Mary’s own children have been dealing with their own real-life moments. Jess (Abigail Winter), trying to cope with an unexpected break-up, using unhealthy means to deal with it. Naomi ( Katie Douglas) at the ready to lend a hand of corruption, of course. There is a trickle-down effect, even though so many things are out in the open, it doesn’t stop the cycle from turning. Especially with another twist in the grand design, Mary is pregnant.

Briefly, we get to see Ben (Jay Ryan), he is out of the game, knowing there is no winning against Mary. There is new life being breathed into the case, thanks to Detective Hull (Scott Cavalheiro.) Is he willing to take a stand against her? Or now that he knows of his impending fatherhood, will that draw him closer together? It will be interesting to see what direction they go.


A new episode of Mary Kills People airs on Global, Sunday, May 19 at 8/7c.

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