Chicago PD (S06E18) “The City”

Can two Mayor candidates work together with the Intelligence Unit to solve a gang war before things turn even deadly? Here’s a recap!


ending the bloodshed chicago pd - Chicago PD (S06E18) "The City"

“The City” is another intense and crazy episode that has the Intelligence Unit investigating a gang shooting. Even though they know which two of the gangs it was, Voight has a meeting with both its leaders to have a peace summit. But it goes south pretty quickly when another shooting happens and kills an innocent woman.

As the investigation moves forward, Voight and the team found an eye witness of the death of her sister; accepts to testify in court after capturing the suspect. Just as things were looking good, Kelton makes a press conference that just put a target on the witness and had to get her out of town before she gets killed. That lead to Voight with the only option, letting one of the gang leaders take the suspect out and it just happens to be the one that the suspect was a member of, so yeah.

I very much enjoyed this episode. I’m not really carrying much about Burgess’ love life with this guy that’s been on for the last few episodes. I kind of wonder if it’s just so she can have a relationship while Ruzek is having with Upton. Anyway, the writing was very good for this episode with very good character developments. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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