The Flash (S05E22) “Legacy”

Alright guys and gals we are here the season finale and it’s one of the best season finales! This is one of the biggest Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths episodes and we will talk about that and what it means about every person’s sacrifice in this episode and what it means for Nora’s future. We have a ton of things we need to talk about so lets get to this review!

So in this episode it was all about Legacy and what that means for what Barry/The Flash (Grant Gustin) will be leaving behind when he does disappear, but it’s not just Barry’s legacy, it is Thawne/Reverse Flash (Tom Cavanagh) legacy as well as Nora/Xs’s (Jessica Parker Kennedy) legacy. But it really doesn’t matter about Nora’s legacy because her legacy is Barry’s legacy the two of them share a legacy now and always. And it’s definitely all about how they share a legacy, how much the two of them are really alike. And truth be told Nora is a lot more like Barry than Iris but it’s not a bad thing.

But amazingly it was Ralph/Elongated Man (Hartley Sawyer) who solved that Thawne was going to use the Cicada dagger of the past to release him from the execution of the future. Because I mean lets just face it there is no prison that can ever hold Thawne/Reverse Flash like ever, he’s too smart for any prison. And I think he proved his point on this episode. Once Nora and Barry destroyed the dagger of the past, the dagger of the future disappeared and Thawne was able to kill all the guards but then time reversed thanks to Nora and Barry forcing them to confront Thawne in 2049.

Even though Young Grace (Islie Hirvonen) took the cure, it was canceled out, so since Adult Grace (Sarah Carter) was wiped out of existence does this mean that Young Grace will still be a meta or did the cure eventually work after the dagger was erased? I think it was after the dagger was destroyed that the cure did work but they don’t really explore that all that much. But at least Young Grace will have a normal life by being in the system and not having to worry about growing up to be a serial killer, or at least lets hope she doesn’t grow up to be a serial killer only time will tell I guess.

In Barry and Nora’s fight against Thawne, they had a little help by the team coming to the future thanks to the time sphere, but then just as I knew what would happen is that time would eventually run up to Nora for using the Negative Speed Force and for screwing up time, but it doesn’t mean that it was another Arrowverse tear jerking moment when Nora was disappearing because of a new time line settling in which means in this new time line Barry and Iris (Candice Patton) may never have a child before he disappears but I have a feeling that they will. I mean it just shows never mess with the time kids.

But it’s not all the changes that had happened, Captain Singh (Patrick Sabongui) is leaving to become the new Chief of Police and making Joe (Jesse L. Martin) New Captain of the Central City Police Department, Singh apparently always knew Barry was the Flash which blew Barry’s mind, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) took the meta cure so I guess that means that he could be leaving the show but who knows they leave it open for him to possibly return but just as Cisco though, Caitlin/Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) gets a super suit from the looks of it, and Nora left Barry and Iris a final video message which was a good goodbye to them.

Now lets get to this Post Crisis on Infinite Earths discussion, it seems like Arrow, now Flash season finales have a Post Crisis scene at the end and this one is the biggest change has happened. The newspaper headline stayed the same with The Flash disappearing but it changes to 2019 instead of 2024, which means this really does clarify that Crisis on Infinite Earths is going to have some deaths happen including Barry’s. Even though they didn’t reveal the month I think it might even be in November because thats when they normally have the crossover event’s but it could happen sooner I guess we shall see. All what I know is that this does change everything, if Iris doesn’t reveal that she is pregnant by the crossover or before it then Nora’s future will never happen. But as of right now the future isn’t looking too good for Nora so as for this being a Post Crisis episode it was a good one, but it seems like we will be getting a lot of Post Crisis scenes during all the season finales maybe we will get one for Supergirl and for the Legends, lets hope right.

See You all in The Fall for Season 6!