Chicago Med (S04E21) “Forever Hold Your Peace”

Here’s a recap of Wednesday’s episode of Chicago Med.

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Maggie’s sister Denise visits with her boyfriend; but things take a real turn when Will sees that the boyfriend slapped her in the face, knocking her down. As Will bring her in the ED, Maggie starts asking questions and even got it by looking at Will. Maggie tries to tell Dennis that she needs to leave him for good, but she’s not because she loves him. Well, Maggie and Will took care of things, mostly Maggie, as she went to talk to Denise’s boyfriend and warned him to stay away, even slapped some sense into him. But it looks like Denise isn’t on speaking terms with Maggie now.

Dr. Charles and Natalie deal with a pregnant patient, who’s dying of cancer; whether she should have surgery to remove the tumor in her brain. As much as the husband wants it done, he gets second thoughts about the idea and I’m guessing that she’s not gonna have the surgery but keep her on the ventilator to keep the baby alive.

Even Dr. Charles deals with something of his own, letting go of someone. He learns that Cici is moving back to Minneapolis, Minn. to take a job there and continue treatment. Charles tries to find ways to keep her in Chicago, even tries to get her an interview for another job. It was after talking to the husband of the pregnant woman; Charles realizes that he needs to do something and that he did as he gives Cici a letter to resign from Med, but she tells him that the reason why she’s moving is that her cancer is back and wants to be along. Charles won’t let that happen as he somewhat proposals to her to stay in Chicago and let him help her.

Ethan and April are taking care of Vincent, while Emily is trying to have some time but that leads her disappearing. With all of her clothes gone, Ethan and April get close and take on taking care of the baby. That is until  Emily finally shows up after traveling to St. Louis and back and tries to take Vincent but April and Ethan tell her to stay and think up a plan. My guess is that she’s either going to take her baby and run away or leave her baby again and rush off.

The bigger story in this episode happens to be Conner as he deals with fathers. It’s Conner’s birthday and while he checks on his dad, he wishes him a happy birthday but soon starts the crap about how his mother wasn’t at his birthdays because of her illness. That got Conner to leave. He soon deals with a young patient that might have broken his arm from a state board; but after smelling alcohol on the kid’s father. It got even more suspicious when the kid was still in pain and wasn’t taking the pain pills. After accusing the father; we learn that the kid was trying to help his father’s pain problem and soon things got settled. That is when Conner saw the birthday photos from his past and not see his mother; he sees his father to tell him he’s right till he sees him die.

“Forever Hold Your Peace” is a fine episode that deals with decision making on trying to say something that you should say before it’s too late like for Dr. Charles and his ex-wife. Or being late to say that you’re right and I’m wrong as we saw from Conner and his father. I did feel bad for Conner; but when someone like your father calls out your mother, who was ill at the time, that’s not right at all. The Maggie/Dennis story was good but the moment between Denise’ boyfriend and her was amazing and even Will steps in just in case.

I feel like Emily is heading back to her old ways and maybe leaving her baby with Ethan and April. Even though she’s back now, who’s knows if she can change or not, I’m sure Ethan feels like he’s gone through the washer again with her. The writing was good and the performances were good too. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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You can catch the season finale of Chicago Med next Wednesday at 8/7c on NBC.