Chicken Girls (S04E09) “Battle of the Classes”

Screenshot 2019 05 16 08 33 50 1 300x156 - Chicken Girls (S04E09) "Battle of the Classes"
But the best couple drama was the loving interaction between Birdie and her mom. 
Finally! Birdie , in a heart to heart,  shares here unquenched love for Spike, as well as regrets and remrose in a year that just wasn’t hers. 
This puts Birdie in the state of mind to “do over” in a move to California with mommy.  Who supppets her, unconditionally.  Sweet moments. Yet another CG loss?
The step monster of Ezra shows up again , emotionally and psychologically abusing  She almost threw his cold dinner at him, but dropped the plate at his feet, insteas!, WTD;  Where’s the daddy?!!! Just make it stop! I live for her comeuppance! 
Finally, we were to “be on the lookout for a new (but familiar) face in the halls of Attaway High!”  I missed it.  Didn’t see a thing nor a face!  But being under 15 minutes, I can see it again. No problem. 
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