The Goldbergs (S06E23) “Breakin'” (Season finale)

After weeks and weeks of no reviews (I could give you plenty of lame excuses, but I’ll leave all that to your imagination), I’m finally here with my last review of The Goldbergs of this season, right on time for Barry’s graduation.

First things first, let’s congratulate the cast and crew of The Goldbergs because the show got renewed for a 7th season and will be back this fall! The same goes for Schooled, which will return for a 2nd season (and had a great season finale, by the way).

Anyway… During the episodes that I didn’t review, a lot of things happened on The Goldbergs. The show went meta (Eight-Bit Goldbergs), the Dropouts played their last concert (This Is Spinal Tap), Barry crushed on Kim (I Lost on Jeopardy), and both Erica and Barry got into Penn (Mom Trumps Willow). So now onto the season finale.


Now that he’s about to graduate and leave for college, Barry wants to make sure to spend as much time with Adam as possible, mostly to torture him. But when Barry finds out he still has to finish 100 hours of community service, Adam decides to help him out. The two brothers host a break dancing fundraiser and plan to raise 30,000$, with a little help from Ms. Cinoman, who can get them Turbo from the Breakin’ movies.

However, on the day of the fundraiser, Ms. Cinoman finds out that the man she thought was Turbo, actually isn’t. Without Turbo, it’s up to Barry and Adam to show their break dance moves. Not only do they get the whole school mad, Principal Ball also informs Barry that the failed event does not count as his community service, which means he won’t get his diploma…

623 - The Goldbergs (S06E23) "Breakin'" (Season finale)


Meanwhile, Geoff doesn’t have to worry about that, but is still stressing out about the graduation ceremony. He has the highest GPA in his class and has to give a speech. He’s so stressed about this that he develops a bad case of the shingles. To help him out, Erica thinks it’s a good idea to get rid of all his plans and go with Matt Bradley to follow the Grateful Dead all summer in a van. Geoff is excited about the idea because he just wants to get out of his routine of having every second of his day planned.

When Beverly and Murray find out about this idea though, Beverly tries to change their minds. Geoff backs out, and goes back to his regular life and back to writing his graduation speech. But when he asks Beverly for feedback on his speech, Bev sees he’s a terrible speaker. She realizes Erica was right and that it’s a good idea for Geoff and Erica to go on the road. She’s finally able to let go a little bit, as long as Erica calls her every hour with the new mobile telephone device.

151741 6295 - The Goldbergs (S06E23) "Breakin'" (Season finale)


Without Geoff’s valedictorian speech during graduation, there’s room for Barry to say a few words. He gives an amazing speech, which gets Bev to tears and Murray to actually say something nice: “Well look at that, our moron did good”. It also convinces Principal Ball to give Barry his well-deserved diploma at graduation.

Screenshot 20190516 220440 Plex1 - The Goldbergs (S06E23) "Breakin'" (Season finale)


And with that another season of The Goldbergs has come and gone. Where the season started with an engaged Blainey, and of course college dropout Erica, we ended this year with both Erica and Barry going to college. And this season finale was a fun one.

I loved it that we got to see Barry and Adam work together. This never works out well, but always makes for a good storyline with lots of laughs. It did again in this episode. The funniest part was obviously the whole fundraiser, with the two brothers break dancing. And even though that didn’t get him his diploma, I’m glad it did eventually all work out for Barry and that he finally got to graduate. Seeing this other side of Geoff was nice as well. I like it that Erica and Geoff got to spend their summer together, knowing they will both be in college next year.

I especially enjoyed this episode because of all the great lines. Not only that, we got to see the characters how we have gotten to know them over the past few years, and who doesn;t like to see a smothering Bev… And as always, the show ended on a sentimental note saying goodbye to some of the great characters at William Penn Academy.


It will be very different next season, with Barry and Erica in college. We know that they will be together, but what will happen to the other graduates like Jackie, the JTP, Carla and many others. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. As Adam narrates at the end of episode: “One era had ended, but an even better one begun.”. Thank God Johnny Atkins still didn’t graduate…

Thanks for reading my reviews this year, and I hope to see you back this fall!

The Goldbergs will be back Wednesdays this fall, at 8/7c on ABC!