Chicago Fire (S07E21) “The White Whale”

The search for the arsonist is on for Severide; will anyone believe his leads from Benny? Plus a firefighter steps up for a retired firefighter in need. Plus are there sparks between Brett and Casey? Here’s a recap!


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Severide tells Boden and Casey about what Benny had in his case notes about this arson, but Boden can’t believe what he thinks or going with his gut about it because he needs more information. That goes the same with Lt. Hubble, who’s not really taking Severide’s information seriously. Even though Casey is behind him, Severide goes out there and tries to get information. Severide spots this guy that’s not helping cleaning up the salon and confronts him and believes that he’s the guy. More later…

A retirement party has been called; it’s not for Mouch. (Phew!) It’s for another firefighter, Russ LaPointe (played by Abraham Benrubi, “ER”). When Herrmann and the gang visited him at his firehouse they invited him to have his party at Molly’s. Ritter gets to talk with him and after a couple of minutes really enjoyed him and his tip. But when the party was going on, LaPointe wasn’t himself as he was drinking pretty heavily and talking about moments that have haunted him. After seeing that, Ritter asked Herrmann to make a wellness check and learned that LaPointe and his wife have separated. Ritter tells Herrmann more in-depth about his uncle and that he killed himself so they got the troops together and talked to LaPointe and got him to join a support group.


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Brett confronts Kidd and Foster about what her friend said about her and Casey should date. After having a coughing fit when Casey walked in; Kidd and Foster agree that she should date Casey. We get just little snippet moments; when Brett aided Casey’s wound after a call, getting on Casey for not cleaning and changing the bandage, and Casey asking Brett to change his bandage so she doesn’t yell at him. There’s something there, but no one’s really pulling the trigger, not just yet.

Getting back to Severide; after taking a photo of that guy; he meets with the eyewitness, Carol Spears, who was at the fire the arsonist set. After making a positive ID,  he makes a call but as he leaves a message, Severide notices Carol looking through his notes and asked her not to look. But as she was getting him some coffee; Severide spotted a piece of wire and even looked in the box which as items of the bomb. Severide calls Casey and tells him and Boden that the arsonist is Carol and her next building is a church.

As Casey and Boden get there, Severide guides Casey to search for the bomb. As Casey finds it, it goes off. Herrmann rushes in as Casey tries to break the lock just in time for Herrmann to take out the fire before things get worst. Later on, Severide, Casey, and Boden meet with Hubble to talk about what’s next for Carol. Something tells me that it’s gonna get worst.

“The White Whale” was not only a really good episode with action and suspense; but it had some of the most powerful story moment that we could learn right now. The Ritter and LaPointe story was really moving and was a PSA about reading the signs that someone needs help, even when they don’t ask for it. It really got the waterworks for me, even if it was Benrubi who I grew up watching as Jerry the desk clerk on ER.

I still feel that this arson case is the one thing that will give him the closure he needs from his father. I just wonder how dangerous this person can be as to compare to the one from Season 3 that killed Shay. Also, I wonder what Kidd was going to tell Kelly just before Hubble interrupted.

And the Casey and Brett thing is still a slow motion but I think by the time the end of the season finale, she’ll confront Casey and go out on a date. I want this to work!

Strong writing, character development and even some really good performances from the cast. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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You can catch the season finale of Chicago Fire Wednesday, May 22 at 9/8c on NBC.