Chicago PD (S06E21) “Confession”

As the intelligence unit tries to take down the top drug lord in Chicago: the Antonio incident case has reopened. Here’s a recap!

sell your soul chicago pd s6e21 - Chicago PD (S06E21) "Confession"

As Antonio is at a meeting; a call from Voight and Ruzek had them discussing how Kelton has reopened the investigation of the suspect that Antiono pushed off a two-story warehouse building. Voight has a plan and gets them to meet with Atwater for a drug deal.

As Atwater and his CI make a deal with what seems to be a rookie drug seller, just as they make arrangement the kid gets shot. The team investigates that takes them all the way to the drug lord, Alex Del Toro. Antiono knows who Del Toro, who had his partner killed years ago. They tried to arrest him on the murder, but couldn’t get anything stick.

It soon turns into a two case episode as Voight gets the top newspaper reporter, Katherine Bradley, to write a piece about Kelton. But their one source is MIA and Voight and Ruzek tries to locate him. As Ruzek got a location on their source; Voight meets with him and gets him to stand up against Kelton.

Soon, Antiono and the team find something that stuck with Del Toro, but just as they got something he was on the move. They find Del Toro near the shipping yard and chase him through the old abandon warehouse. Antiono gets to him and just when he is about to shoot, he instead grabs Del Toro and tries to push him off the edge of the building, but didn’t and arrested him.

With everything looking good until the news conference that was supposed to be about Kelton dropping out; turns out to be Kathrine Brennen instead. Voight meets with Brennen to discuss this situation and she tells him that she took the fall because he has dirt on her and he has dirt on him too. It seems like a war is coming to the intelligence unit.

“Confession” didn’t match the episode a year ago when Al got stabbed, but it closely matches it. As it was an episode focusing on Antiono from the case of the week, facing an old enemy and even confronting his demons of pushing a suspect off the building. Jon Seda really gives his best performance since the fall finale. And just when things were looking good for Antiono;  we can see how Seda will be leaving the series. It seemed that the writing was on the wall since the fall finale. Really good writing, strong character development and overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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You can catch the season finale of Chicago PD Wednesday, May 22 at 10/9c on NBC.