The Bold Type S03E06 “#TBT”


Hello everyone! In this episode we got the opportunity to live Jane’s first day at Scarlet with our three beloved girls and that’s awesome! Partners in crime from day one, I loved that part and I admire the idea to show viewers how girls happened to become friends! So let’s focus for a moment on current events and then let’s talk about the flashback 

Jane got a bit upset about the fact that hackers released mails from Scarlet. The piece Jane’s working on writing is huge for her and that kinda ruined her investigation needed to write that piece. She wondered how to get the last possible person to talk about the topic of abusing models and she considered hiding the truth to get information. But she talked to Ryan and he made her realize she doesn’t wanna loose herself in the process by hiding the fact she writes for Scarlet. She made an appointment at the hairdresser she wanted to get to talk but she was honest with her and even though she didn’t collect the information, she at least got her hair done! And she showed her boyfriend that no matter how wrong her day goes, she’s always able to be happy for his achievements. And that is pretty amazing.

Sutton struggled with the fact that her mother asked her for loan when she has just planned on buying a sewing machine for the seminar she got into. She made a choice, she borrowed the money and she didn’t know how to tell Richard about it. But they trust each other and she somehow gathered herself to do that and it was emotional but they talked that in a really honest way. The date this two had was so romantic, especially when he showed her an e-mail he sent the day they met. That was so sweet!

Kat heard from Tia that she quits being her manager in the campaign and she respected that decision but couldn’t completely make a piece with that. After she thought that through she decided to try to convince Tia that no matter what happened between them after Richard’s party, they make a great team and they can achieve great things by working together. That’s when Tia admitted she is into girls after all and she’s a little scared of that feeling that’s why she resigned. Then this two had a moment that was so intense and so emotional and they romantically kissed on the stairs below the Tia’s house. Gotta say, it was a pleasure to watch.

Together scenes? Yeah, there were many of them. Most of them from the flashback. The day our girls met in the elevator and almost killed a guy. I loved to see the youngest versions of them. Jane being excited about an internship in Scarlet that she’s always dreamed on. Sutton being brave by telling what she wants as she always does, speaking about being a good material for an assistant. Kat being a warm soul that unconditionally helps others. The fashion closet when they had fun and they made it their place to confide each other and survive hard moments. And them inventing a way how to stay in Scarlet as a team. Soooo sooooo amazing. Drinking wine when they succeeded in all of this too. You can even say that food bring them together! Sandwiches definitely did. Peanut butter did too! And btw, who’d guest that the most perfect love starts not only from the first sight but starts with sandwiches too? Yeah, the moment when Suttard met was extremely epic.

I could do this without end because there were so many wonderful moments in this flashback! It brings hope that sometimes people meet in concrete situations for a reason. It’s just beautiful. So for that, thank you TBT!