Riverdale (S03E22) Chapter Fifty-Seven ‘Survive The Night’

Hello, Riverdale fans! It’s the season finale, and I must say it was actually pretty good. Answered lots of questions and left us with a few more too. Without further ado, I present my review of the season finale entitled ‘Survive The Night’.

the invitations

After a brief recap, the show opens up with Toni (Vanessa Morgan) at Thornhill. She tells Penelope (Nathalie Boltt) what happened at the farm. Penelope drugged her tea, and Toni promptly passes out.

Jughead (Cole Sprouse) and FP (Skeet Ulrich) are trying to figure out the mystery of Jason Blossom and the Gargoyle King. Penelope goes to see Edgar (Chad Michael Murray) at the Farm. She wants to purchase organs. The trail of clues leads Jughead and FP to the Maple Club. They find out that both Kurtz and Jason were regular patrons there.

The Ascension is tonight. Edgar and Evelyn (Zoe De  Grand Maison) tell Alice (Madchen Amick) that Betty (Lili Reinhart) has escaped. Thanks to some quick phone calls, Veronica (Camilla Mendes) and Hermione (Marisol Nichols) now legally own Pops, La Bonne Nuit, and El Royale. Archie (K.J Apa), Veronica, and Jughead receive special invitations.

A special dinner

Betty wakes up in the Blossom Hunting Lodge. She is unharmed, and also receives an invitation and a dress to wear. Betty joins the others downstairs for dinner. In a shocking twist, Sister Woodhouse (Beverley Breuer) is still alive. She had poisoned all the other nuns. The Black Hood and the Gargoyle King show up for dinner. The true identity of the Gargoyle King is revealed to be Chic (Hart Denton) who had dyed his hair red to resemble  Jason. Hal (Lochlyn Munro) explains that he saw a ‘kindred spirit’ in Chic and spared his life so he could work with him. Penelope was the mastermind behind everything. She wanted revenge on the town that sold her as a child bride.

The gang has to play one last game. They have to survive the night in the woods outside the lodge. They have clues and Quests to follow and complete.

let the hunt begin

At the Farm, Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) tries to convince Kevin (Casey Cott) and Fangs (Drew Ray Tanner) about the sinister nature of the farm. They don’t believe her. She goes to find proof and ends up finding something truly horrifying. In the woods, the gang finds a Red Paladin Quest card. Archie’s Quest. He has to fight a giant of a man. The fight is brutal and raw, but Archie eventually emerges victorious (albeit badly beaten up).

riverdale saison 3 episode 22 archie betty - Riverdale (S03E22) Chapter Fifty-Seven 'Survive The Night'
Jughead, Veronica and Betty are awaiting Archie’s fate in the battle. Photo courtesy of Google.

The gang follows the trail of clues deeper into the forest. At the Farm, Alice confronts Edgar about the rumors regarding the organs. Edgar tries to appease her. Cheryl bursts in and yells at Edgar for taking Jason from his grave and essentially ‘frankensteining’ him. Veronica’s Quest comes up. It’s essentially a game of ‘Russian Roulette’. Veronica has to pick someone and spin a bottle and drink from one of six chalices. One of them is poisoned. Betty volunteers. They each drink until there is one goblet left. Veronica drinks from the poisoned chalice. Penelope appears. She reveals that all the chalices were poisoned and to get the antidote they have to finish the game.

a confession?

Archie gets Veronica alone and tells her he still loves her. She says she feels the same way and the two share a kiss.

Alice helps Cheryl escape with Dagwood. She makes Cheryl promise to find Betty. Alice is staying at the Farm. Nana Rose (Barbara Wallace) tells Toni to save her friends. Toni is still recovering from being drugged, but she insists on rescuing Cheryl first.  There is another Quest for the gang. It’s for Jughead. He has to defeat the Gargoyle King. Chic appears. They battle it out and eventually, Jughead emerges victorious.

As Toni prepares to storm the farm, Cheryl emerges with Dagwood. Toni and Cheryl are reunited and they gather the Serpents and Posions to go rescue the others. The gang prepares for the last Quest. This one is for Betty. She is given a gun with one bullet. She has to kill the Black Hood or he will kill her and her friends. Betty deliberates while Hal counts down. In the end, Betty shoots him the hand saying she would ‘never be like him.’ Penelope appears. She shoots Hal in the head. Archie is able to grab the antidote before Penelope sends her gargoyle minions to kill Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead.

Riverdale s03e22 1862455 - Riverdale (S03E22) Chapter Fifty-Seven 'Survive The Night'
Betty struggling to make a tough decision. Photo courtesy of Google.
it’s a wrap

They run through the rest of the night. The Serpents and Poisons show up and rescue them. Their long, harrowing night has come to an end. They go to the farm to tie up loose ends. They find Kevin sitting alone. He says that everyone else had ‘ascended’, except for him. He was left behind to tell everyone what happened. Chic was put in jail, and Penelope went running off into the night, missing. Hermione gets arrested, and Veronica’s new legal guardian is Smithers.

Hiram is plotting something sinister from prison. Archie wants to make El Royle a community center/halfway house. He and Mad Dog (Eli Goree) are going to run it together. The FBI shows up looking for Betty. They question her about Alice. Apparently, Alice had been working undercover to expose the Farm. She is still missing. The FBI agent on the case reveals himself as Charles. Betty and Jughead’s half brother.

The gang meets at Pops and makes a pact. Fast forward to spring break senior year. Something terrible has happened and Archie, Veronica, and Betty burn Jughead’s beanie. Back to the present, the gang toast to a new (and hopefully uneventful) senior year.

final thoughts

Ok, I’ll admit I had misgivings about how they were going to end the season. I think they at least answered most of our questions, mainly about the true identity of the Gargoyle King, and the mastermind behind G&G. Of course, there are still lots of questions going forward.

  1. Did the Farm actually ascend?
  2. How is Charles alive?
  3. What does Hiram have planned for Veronica?
  4. What is the terrible thing that is going to happen to Jughead during Spring break during senior year?

I suppose I will watch Season 4 and review it. Stay tuned!