Supergirl (S04E22) “The Quest For Peace”

Alright guys and gals we had a fantastic episode and it was a great one! We had a full Post Crisis on Infinite Earths in this episode, we are going to be getting an enemy from Jon’s past, and we may have gotten a small sneak peek to the next big bad for next season, all and more we will discuss in the review for Supergirl!

So in this episode we finally saw everything of Lex (Jon Cryer) plan that was being laid out since the beginning of this season even though we never really knew when Lex was going to be showing up in the series but we knew he would be coming eventually. And his plan all along was always to make him see as being the hero by dividing and eliminating the alien problem forever by harnessing their energy and selling it to the galaxy to space criminals for power sources. So, do you think Lex’s plan would’ve worked if it would’ve happened? I honestly think it wouldn’t have, I think Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) would’ve put a stop to it long before it became fully successful just like how it happened in the episode with the written word but still it took some time for it to get around but when it did it brought a little bit of Lex’s power down.

And Lex finally brought his true colors out towards Red Daughter (also Melissa Benoist) and it finally opened Red Daughter’s eyes up to see that Kara was right all along that Lex never cared for Red Daughter, that he only cared about himself. Which I find it really awesome that Red Daughter actually did the noble thing and saved Kara from that kryptonite blast so that the two of them could reunite as one and use the power for good. But I bet Lex wasn’t really counting on that much power to have been used against him but it was and it was awesome.

The whole episode was an awesome episode and was an epic conclusion to the Public Enemies storyline, I have to admit five episodes for a story arc really does work really well if you have the right writers. And this series had the right writers who wrote a phenomenal story arc using the comics as a guide which was the right thing to do. I’m happy that they were able to at least do one story arc right with this series and it was so good. But given that, I knew they had to bring us an episode that was also to help open up to the crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths so with the Post Crisis episode we got a relative of Hank/Jon J’onzz (David Harewood) from the dead Malefic J’onzz (Phil LaMarr) but it was thanks to The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) to bring Malefic to the present from the time that he was suppose to originally die. But who is Malefic?

In the comics Malefic was the twin brother of Jon and Malefic was also the one known as the destructor of Mars by bringing it a plague that wiped out almost all the martians except for green martians but every other martian was brought on by the plague and nearly died, if it wasn’t for the war of the White Martians that came afterwards Malefic would’ve been the true destroyer of life on Mars and it was because of the Justice League that helped Jon to destroy his brother but will it happen on the tv series? We shall see!

We also saw in the Post Crisis scene that The Monitor made a visit to the corpse of Lex Luthor, to bring him back to life to perhaps help out with the Crisis crossover. But we shall see what happens there when that truly does happen. Now that Lex has revealed the truth to Lena (Katie McGrath) when will Lena reveal to Kara that she knows the truth? Will it be during the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover? Will it be Season 5 Episode 01? We will have to wait and find out but one thing is for sure, Lena hates Kara and Alex (Chyler Leigh) and James “Jimmy” Olsen (Mechad Brooks) she is going to be making a grand plan to take them all down I bet.

I am also really glad that Alex and Kelly (Azie Tesfai) finally broke the ice between the two of them, you could easily tell in all the episodes that she’s been into Alex and it’s like we kept saying “kiss already” and finally Alex did it, she kissed Kelly and now we are getting at least one Danvers and Olsen relationship that might actually last forever, maybe there will be a Danvers and Olsen marriage that happens later one but one step at a time.

We also got possibly our first sneak peek at possibly the next big bad organization known Leviathan, which in the comics Leviathan was a criminal organization who was later revealed to being a short organization that was kind of like the League of Assassins led by Talia Al Ghul, so because there’s already a Talia Al Ghul in the Arrowverse will they be bringing Talia from Earth-1 to Earth 38 or will this be a different version of Talia by being Earth-38’s version of the character but same actress? Only time will tell and I hope they give Leviathan organization a great story line in this next season!

Last thing to talk about, Brainy (Jesse Rath) we finally got him back to his original self after Nia/Dreamer (Nicole Maines) put herself in danger, I was really worried about Brainy at first because of him acting too much like a Brainiac than of his normal self. But thankfully he was able to be brought back, it would’ve really sucked if they would’ve had to kill him like how they had to back in the old animated series’s.

See you all in the Fall for Season 5!