Legends of Tomorrow (S04E16) “Hey, World!”

Alright guys and gals we had a great episode brought to us tonight! It was a really good one, we had a humorous kind of Post Crisis scene or was it just a tease, I’m thinking maybe a tease but we finally saw Neron’s plan. We had some familiar faces from past seasons show up, we had a timeline change, and we will also discuss what might happen in the next season.  So lets get to this review!

So in this episode we had Possessed Ray/Neron (Brandon Routh) plan become fully fledged out in this episode which we thought we knew what the plan was last episode but it was just a cover, the real plan was to get the fear from all the humans on Earth so that Hell could be brought to Earth. Truth be told that is an interesting plan and it definitely makes for an interesting story but I feel like a lot of demon’s try making this happen and they always fail but it was still interesting to see everything play out though.

But while that was happening, Nora (Courtney Ford) in her fairy godmother mode had to be in Hell to find Constantine (Matt Ryan) and Ray’s soul, finding Constantine was the easy part since the wand just led Nora to Constantine being tortured by Calibraxis (Jason Simpson) and all she had to do was use her magic to help Constantine be free and get away from Calibraxis grasp. But it wasn’t so easy for Ray, since his soul was turned into currency, the two of them had to get the help of Astra (Olivia Swann) to break into the currency bank and to get Ray’s coin. Once they had Ray’s coin they had to find Ray’s soul which led them to Ray’s cell thinking he was going to be tortured to his death but instead was playing Jenga with Vandal Savage (Casper Crump) which I would never have thought that Ray and Vandal would’ve been so friendly with each other while in Hell. Seriously, I would’ve thought that Vandal would’ve taken the moment to really torture Ray and to make him really suffer with destroying him but instead they were playing jenga. Like you really have to question that! But it was good to see Vandal Savage again even if it was in Hell.

So to destroy Neron’s plan the Legends had to make Hey World a reality with the help of the supernatural book that can make anything the author dreams of a reality and so Hey World was created. And the plan was working but because this reality, this timeline was going to change drastically where Zari (Tala Ashe) would never have joined the Legends because the change would be no one would have feared meta humans and Argus would never have started the meta hunt in 2039 or 49 something like that which means that Zari’s brother never died, Zari’s brother became the barer to the wind totem. So what does this mean for Zari, well we don’t really know for sure but we know that because she didn’t stay in the temporal zone she won’t remember anything about Nate (Nick Zano) nor will she ever remember any of the insane adventures that she had with the Legends for the last two years. For all we know Zari could be married to some handsome man and already have like 3-5 kids. But we did see that Zari’s brother knows Nate so it could be that Zari’s brother had joined the Legends or something. Will Nate go after Zari to find out what kind of life she had now in this different timeline? It’s hard to say wither he will or not but it will be interesting to see if it does happen in Season 5.

I like though when they were trying to make a promo for the Hey World, the Legends make the comment that they tried contacting Green Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl but no one would agree to come and be a part of it. But Gary (Adam Tsekhman) would never make a good Flash and wearing his suit was just so wrong. But hilarious at the same time. But I liked the little promo they tried making and it worked by helping the people to come to see the magical creatures. But Neron even tried using that as an opportunity, the only way to defeat Neron was to sacrifice Nate so that Neron would be ejected out of Ray’s body and Constantine would be able to put Ray’s soul into Ray’s body. But it was thanks to Hank’s (Thomas F. Wilson) spirit once again helping his son out by giving a helping hand to help bring his son back to life which worked and everyone stayed alive which thank god! I couldn’t stand to lose Nate, he’s become one of those characters that I couldn’t stand to lose on this show!

Now for those that are wondering in the last scene of the season, it is not a hint at any big bad’s, just episodic bads that will happen eventually in some episodes of Season 5 but we don’t know which episodes or when. All we know is that Astra will definitely be raising some major Hell for Constantine and hopefully Constantine sticks around for all of Season 5 I guess we will find out soon enough but I know all of us Constantine fans are all hoping that Constantine sticks around for a very long time.

See you all in the Fall for Season 5!