Mary Kills People (S03E02) “Girl Problems”

There is something humbling about giving people a choice, whether it be in life or in death. In this episode of Mary Kills People, they strive to give people what they want in their time of need, but sometimes life has other plans. (Spoilers Ahead)

A choice.  A life. A death.

Chaos has been present in Mary’s (Caroline Dhavernas) life since day one, and it seems to present itself in subtle yet foreboding ways. Her life isn’t as put together as she leads others to be, constantly on the cusp of a breakdown. The same outlook seems to hover over all the important people in her life as well. Even with all the good she has done, it will never outweigh the bad.

marykillspeoples03e022 - Mary Kills People (S03E02) “Girl Problems"
The Nurse of Death. (Photo: Screenshot By Author of Review)

The nurse who witnessed what Mary is capable of connects with her on a deeper level. Francis (Elizabeth Saunders) believes that people should not be suffering, but instead of giving them a choice as Mary does, she takes matters into her own hands. There is something sinister in her intentions, especially when she relinquishes the choice from one of her own patients, and friend. There is a new breed of psychopath in their midst’s, and it’s going to change the game forever.

Time to stop and breathe

Meanwhile, life at the hospice has taken some questionable turns. Des (Richard Short), has been dealing with his own demons. He wants to be there, but he doesn’t want to get involved with human connections. Without those shreds of dignity, a lot gets lost in the process of what they supplying ailing patients with. Robert (Brian Tree), who is a spunky older man, pays the ultimate price. He is ready to go, but without Mary at his side, he doesn’t want to go through with it.

It’s something that Mary has been plagued with for a while. She never seems to be there when they need her the most. Constantly struggling with her own issues, she is letting more slip through her grasp. Not only is her family becoming unhinged, but she is also finding it harder to keep herself together. Especially when Ben (Jay Ryan) comes to call. He was tasked to find out more information about the hospice, and instead of throwing her under the bus, he protects her. Maybe love hasn’t been lost at all.

All it takes is one moment to lose it all
marykillspeoples03e021 - Mary Kills People (S03E02) “Girl Problems"
The time is right. (Photo: Screenshot By Author of Review)

The one who consistently holds it together is Nicole (Charlotte Sullivan). She is such a strong character, it’s the bright light they all need. Without her, there would be an even bigger mess to clean up. She holds true compassion, and when Robert perishes in such a heartbreaking way, frozen to death by the elements, her pain is apparent. Where was Des in all of this? In the arms of another dying patient, Lucy (Rachael Ancheril).

There is no escaping the twists and turns life throws at them. Fear invokes a terrifying reaction within Mary when the cops turn up at her home. Is this the moment she has been dreading? Have they finally come to take her away? No. They are there for Jess (Abigail Winter). Her excursions with Naomi (Katie Douglas) have caught up to her, namely, the burning inferno that was her exes car. The repercussions will keep coming.

No one is going to escape unscathed this season, no matter the “good” intentions.

Where is the youngest daughter, Cambie (Lola Flanery), at? She is there, but death seems to be looming in her mind, more often than not. Perhaps she is more like her mother than anyone thinks.

A new episode of Mary Kills People airs Sunday, May 26 at 8/7c on Global

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