Mary Kills People (S03E03) “No Happy Endings Here”

As this is the final season for Mary Kills People, the writers are making sure to bring a spectacular conclusion to the fans. With each passing episode, there is trouble and chaos around every bend. Especially with a new threat on the rise, everything they’ve ever known will soon come to a halt. (Spoilers Ahead)

Expect the unexpected

The episode starts out with Leah (Katelyn McCulloch) and her girlfriend (Elsie Bauman), it all seems well, a couple in love going home for the night when an accident puts their lives on hold. It may not seem as though it fits in this series, but it helps to put the puzzle pieces together. She may not be terminal, but the pain is immense, and her will to live is waning. Annie (Grace Lynn Kung) is quick to reassure her that those “what if’s” are only that, and nothing more.

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Never lose hope. (Photo: Screenshot By Author of Review)

With the questionable nature of Robert’s death, all eyes are on ‘Joys’. They can’t afford for anyone to be poking their noses around the hospice, and what they are really up to. The balance is threatening to fall apart, but if anyone can keep it together, Mary (Caroline Dhavernas) can. Now is the time for Des (Richard Short) to step up, aside from his stellar bedside manner, he needs to perform their important “duties” solo since Mary’s impending motherhood will be with them shortly.

Change can happen

There has always been this gruff exterior when Des is concerned. He hadn’t anticipated the people, involved in his line of work. And the wonderful, messy and scary task that came with helping them to end their lives. Killing people is hard, but what they do is necessary. Everyone deserves that choice. So when the time comes to put his talents to good use, he gets more than he bargained for. A shift happens within him when Donna (Deborah Grover), an elder, crotchety woman, dies with her hand in his. In the end, no one wants to be alone.

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Depression is a bitch. (Photo: Screenshot By Author of Review)

Jess (Abigail Winter) has been dealing with Naomi (Katie Douglas), who has been unraveling for a while now. Depressed and overwhelmed, it’s only a matter of time before her luck runs out. Some people cannot be saved, no matter how much one tries. I feel as though a tragedy is sure to surround Jess and Naomi, shattering their reality and making them face the stone, cold truth. Maybe Cambie (Lola Flanery) is right, perhaps there is no point.

Frances (Elizabeth Saunders), the angel of “death”, is becoming more problematic for Mary and those who are close to her. People should always have the choice in their death, especially when they are terminal, they also have the right to choose to live. In her twisted mind, there is only death for those “suffering”. Her mercy is no mercy at all. She is a stone-cold killer, nothing like Mary. Annie reports Frances to higher-ups, only to be put on her radar, a very dangerous place to be.

Matters of the heart

The tale between Mary and Ben (Jay Ryan) makes an unexpected turn. She steps out of her comfort zone to apologize to Ben. It proves to be a step in the right direction. She wants him to be involved in the babies life, it is his after all. This leads them into a new and interesting direction. Can they really make this family thing work? It seems so idyllic when they settle down for a picturesque dinner, with Mary’s daughters. Could happiness be right around the corner? In this show, don’t hold your breath.

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One Big Happy Family? (Photo: Google)

The serene moment is interrupted by Annie. Frances has killed again, but in such a way where it would put Annie in the spotlight. Using her ID to sign out medication, which ultimately ended the life of Leah, who had everything to live for. She wasn’t terminal and was expected to make a full recovery. This oversteps a line, and Annie is done. Mary is on her own, and now it’s time to tell Ben the truth before anyone else dies.

Closing Remarks:

This episode truly showcased the poignant and chaotic journey of Des. His character has truly been to hell and back, yet he still perseveres. A corner has been turned and a connection has been made. He has been teetering at the edge, lost in his own dreams. An ailing patient drags him back to reality. Richard Short is a fantastic actor, so it comes as no surprise that the portrayal and battle is a powerful one. Anyone can change direction, even the crassest. Lucy ( Rachael Ancheril) has been a big help too, although her days are numbered and it will destroy Des. Life is hard, but death is harder.


A new episode of Mary Kills People airs Sunday, June 2 on Global at 8/7c.


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