Chicken Girls (S04E10) “Mr Attaway”

 It’s  Ezra, Hamilton, Jax (Alex Guzman), and Tim in competition for “Mr Attaway” A  male high school version of…whatever is crown worthy to show popularity 

This time, the boys are in competition with the usual singing and  dancing.  However, what can you do to save the planet was replaced with personal questions, specific to each contestant.

For example,  Ezra wanted to turn back time to rectify someone he was a jerk to. The whole school knows it was Rhyme. Sweet. 

Oh. And Hamilton didn’t show up! 

Earlier, a special appearance by Etta proves she’s not faking her obnoxiousness. She’s borrowing a smock from Rhyme, so that she can look…less. She’s going for a simple look that can hook Flash. She’s still wants him, although he’s a cheat. Don’t judge! 

And speaking of obnoxious;  Flash is  in California on business with Ace! Flash definitely has a type! 

Furthermore,  Drake is cheating with the obsessive Angie! He’s going away for 8 weeks of the summer with her. He wonders why Rooney is mad.

Never the less, Stephanie provides a comforting and  listening ear to Rooney. Ummm.   Are we sensing some movement between these 2? I am 

Finally,  there is movement in the Ezra, Rhyme situation…for a minute. 

Rhy witnesses the step-monster, going off on Ezra in the hallways at the school. She’s comforting, kind words.

Later, they come together, smiling, holding hands in full view of everyone. So why not try again?! “Ok…let’s”

One minute later, Birdie arrives. She’s glad to be home! She brings a $!@# load of letters from TK; gives them to Rhy.   Ezra grabs one, reads it and walks away.  Dra.mah!

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