Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E17-18) “Sicko”/”Suicide Squad” Season Finale

The season finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine not only left us laughing out loud but leaving us with a shocking moment. Here’s a recap!

NUP 186231 1013 1014x570 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E17-18) "Sicko"/"Suicide Squad" Season Finale

In the season finale, Holt signs a case of a victim being murdered by a cannibal to Jake and Charles. Holt doesn’t trust their work to solve the case. Instead, Commissioner Kelly tries to help by informing them about a new tipline app. But it turns out that the app isn’t really what got the case was solved; Jake and the team realize that Kelly has been tapping phones all over the area.

After learning about Kelly’s tapping phones all over the city; Jake puts a team together with a team that’s known as Suicide Squad of The Vulture, Chief Wuntch, and Captain Stentely. Jake’s plan was to have Stentely get kidnapped and hoped that Kelly’s team would make a call. Instead, it didn’t work the way they had hoped it would as The Vulture’s team got on the case and got Jake’s fingerprints.

It was when Holt and Wuntch went to the police ball that things took another twist thinking that Wuntch was acting like her old witch again but instead she was playing Kelly. As Kelly resigned, Wuntch takes over and not only to make things better for the worst. She gives Holt a demotion as she learned in the episode that he didn’t complete his training and was assigned to traffic duty. And gives Terry Holt’s position.

“Sick” and “Suicide Squad” might not have been better than the season five finale.  But it really was a good enough episode. It not only had a strong character development; but even brought back some past characters that you wouldn’t think would be back. Also brought a moment that you would have thought to happen but turns out it didn’t but it was still satisfying.

I really had thought that in the finale would have that surprising moment for Amy and Jake that would lead to having a baby. But Holt gets demoted was a satisfying surprise. It places the question of how the nine-nine would do without him as their captain. How will Terry be as the Nine-Nine’s new captain? That would be something to see when Season seven comes next year. Overall, I give the Season 6 Finale an 8.5/10 and Season 6 a 9/10.

What did you think of the season finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Would Terry make a great Captain in the Nine-Nine? Would Holt even last as a traffic cop? Will there even be a heist when the show returns in the new year? I call Valentines! Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

You can catch Brooklyn Nine-Nine coming back in 2020.