Mary Kills People (S03E04) “Switzerland Has Trees”

Each passing episode of Mary Kills People brings us closer to the end. All who are involved in this show come together each and every week to bring brilliant storylines together. The chemistry is undeniable, making it an unforgettable viewing experience that conjures real emotion. It will be a sad day when the final curtain drops.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better

Ben (Jay Ryan) and Mary (Caroline Dhavernas) seem to be riding the same wavelength. They have both grown over the seasons, and it’s starting to seem as though Ben has a better understanding of why Mary feels so strongly about her role. The whole operation is at risk, and they must cease normal “protocol” and become a true hospice, at least until the police have stopped sniffing around. This is one of the hardest tasks they’ve had to face, taking that choice away from the sick and dying.

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No pento. No choice. (Photo: Screenshot By Author of Review)

Everything could be lost, and because of Mary’s lies, Nicole’s (Charlotte Sullivan) life is hanging in the balance. She has made so many sacrifices and concessions over the years, the rage that she invokes is more than warranted. She is no longer a child, she doesn’t need to be protected, she needs to be respected. This is her life too, and she has every right to have a say in what does and doesn’t go on. When Mary promises no more lies, it feels like a set of famous last words. It is in her nature, after all.

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Des and Lucy. The greatest love story ever told? (Photo: Screenshot By Author of Review)

Des (Richard Short), who has hidden from the pain of emotions for such a long time, can not contain the remorse he feels when he tells Lucy (Rachael Ancheril) that she cannot die, not yet. Their story has become one of my favourite moments of this season. They have both been through hell and back, yet have somehow found solace in each other. The right moment, at the right time, even though one of them is dying. The fear of living has brought them together. Instead of leaving her to her devices, he stays with her in these dark moments. The choice will still be hers when she wants it.

Depression Lies. mental health matters.

Jess (Abigail Winter) has been dealing with the train wreck who is Naomi (Katie Douglas). Unable to leave her in her time of need, depression is a bitch, through and through. Jess has always been a caretaker, putting others needs before her own, it’s only a matter of time before this situation shatters her. It nearly comes to an untimely end when Naomi leaves her house, upset at the absence of her mother, and plays turkey with oncoming traffic. Somehow, this isn’t going to end on ideal terms. There is tragedy coming for all sides.

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Everyone needs a friend like Jess. (Photo: Screenshot By Author of Review)

With Detective Hull (Scott Cavalheiro) sticking his nose where it shouldn’t be, it puts all their hard work at risk. Mary won’t let that happen, there is a method to her methodical madness. This time Ben is working with her, instead of against her. Putting France’s (Elizabeth Saunders) and her name forward, a whisper in the wind, but it’s a start. The Angel of Death may get her day, but she has her own tricks up her sleeves. I wouldn’t count her out just yet, we have seen how brutal she can be. This is just the tip of the iceberg and the evil that resides within. To make it look legitimate, Mary “joins” forces with Frances. It can either bode well for them or backfire. At any case, it’s going to be a privilege to witness the unraveling.

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The day is numbered for everyone. (Photo: Screenshot By Author of Review)

The honour of most gut-wrenching moment of the episode goes to Phil (Rothaford Gray). The elderly gentlemen with a past that weighs heavy on his shoulders. Death has started its process, and there is no turning back. Mary is there with him, every step of the way. The pain is excruciating and his death is profound. This is why people deserve the choice, deserve peace. It was a powerful and tear-inducing scene. No one deserves that kind of suffering in the end.

Another spectacular episode. It’s like the gift that just keeps on giving. Sometimes, one more day makes all the difference.


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