Chicken Girls (S04E11) “Sincerely, Rhyme”

Screenshot 2019 05 28 18 07 45 1 300x160 - Chicken Girls (S04E11) "Sincerely, Rhyme"Yes. “Sincerely, Rhyme” is about a letter written by Rhyme. A love letter to be exact.

With the many ways to communicate thru cyberspace, it is a beautiful thing to see Rhyme, single handedly save the art of penmanship and cursive.  Yet this episode isn’t about the art of writing,  it’s about love.

The letter to Ezra is a follow up to the stack of TK letters of love and “missing you, too” Birdie gave to Rhy. 

Just as Rhy and Ezra were getting their feelings in check, BOOM!  With a Rhyme voice over,  Ezra reads to a backdrop of couples in love.   

With displays of affection see, Quinn and Ham , Luna and Taj, El and Robby, even Jax and  Brittany. We also see Kayla mooning (or is it pining?) ,over Flash. He’s in the newspaper, front page with Ace. Congrats? 

Meanwhile, Rooney kissed a girl and she liked it! Surprised? NOT

But the letter takes a turn, I never saw coming.  Beyond the filler and chit chat that appears to be a part of  Rhy’s process; she finally gets to her “boy next door”  and “that new guy that was totally different”  before I lost interest.   It was worth the wait. 

 She came to realize, through all of the appearances of ” struggle, strife and sad, she has much to be thankful.   “Even if we don’t get the endings we want, we always get the ones we need”  That’s  wisdom , right there! 

She is beginning her adulting.  She’s open  to change, as she continues to write her story. Right now, there is no ending, nor final chapter.   

The  level of Rhy’s,maturity was amazing.  She concludes, she cannot be Ezra’s nor anybody else’s! 

Without promises of tomorrow, right now she is a sister, dancer,  a writer,  almost a sophomore and more than anything else, she’s a Chicken Girl! 

Best, love (self ) and “Dear John” letter ever!