Chicago Med (S04E22) “With a Brave Heart” Season Finale

The season finale left us not only with some good moments, but they also ended it with such a cliffhanger. Here’s a recap!


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As Charles plans to give his future bride a wedding that she won’t forget; he comes to terms when a former patient comes back with a tumor in the brain. Charles pushes him to have the surgery but he must be awake during the surgery. After having a minor freakout, Charles gets his patient to calm down and got the surgery done. Charles finally takes into consideration from Robin and instead of taking his wife to Hawaii; they get married and bring Hawaii to Chicago is probably one of the best scenes of the episode that will just grab your heart.

Ethan and April not only dealing with Emily and Bernie; but treating a husband who’s suffering from a deer tick bite. But when they learn that the husband’s wife is suffering from Alzheimer’s and living with his girlfriend to help with home care and support. After learning from their patient, Ethan and April take that into their dinner with Emily, Bernie, and family as things seem to work well with their arrangement. But as Ethan and April take the dishes to the kitchen, April tells Ethan that she’s late on her period. Uh oh!

Conner learns that his dad’s death was questionable and that someone must have done something wrong. But when he has to perform surgery with Ava, things just don’t seem right as she tries to win him back again. Could she have done it?

Will and Natalie treat a returning patient whose husband believes that there’s something wrong with his wife’s heart. After many tests, there was indeed a problem and as soon as she gets the surgery, her husband talks to Will about commitment as in having a family. After the surgery, they plan to start a family pretty soon. On the other hand, Will learns that the son of the mobster is out of jail and could go after him. After learning from the husband of his patient, he stands his ground and not go back to witness protection. That gets Natalie involved, who escapes a marriage proposal, to support Will, but when she talks to him in the parking garage, they get hit by a van. Will gains conscious from the hit to see the guy, who fainted, but also Natalie who is suffering a head wound and loses consciousness.

“With a Brave Heart” was a really good season finale episode. The episode left with some memorable moments from Charles and his wife to Ethan and April. The moment that really had me off my chair was Will and Natalie; yet I’m worried to know what will happen to Natalie and will #Manstead be together telling that other dude bye-bye.

I really didn’t care for the Conner and Ava story as it really ran its course. But when the new season starts, I really want a good and solid explanation on where they had gone. I think that Conner and Robin go off to the sunset to better adventures. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10. I give this season a 9/10.

What did you think of the season finale? Will Natalie survive? How do you feel about a baby Chexton? How did you feel of the whole season? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

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