Life In Pieces (S04E06-07) “Recovery Discipline Psycho Labor”/”Lost Math Art Glam” 

From bonding while walking to dealing with labor during a birthday party and trying to take a family photo. Here’s a recap of the last couple of episode of Life In Pieces.

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“Recovery Discipline Psycho Labor”

Still, on their recovery for their health, Tim gets Joan to go walking with him; but as they walk they bump into a skeet ball arcade. As soon as they play a game; they get hooked every time they go for their walks. But when a few days later they see that the game has been picked up and for Tim killed the meaning of walking with Joan. That ended when Joan came back the next day and gets Tim to join her to walk with her to an air hockey game.

Matt and Colleen have a difficult time with their new adoptive son who is being influenced by Dougie. They soon learn from Heather that being a parent doesn’t mean being their child’s best friend. It was after Dougie showed the kid a video of an autopsy of an alien, the kid goes to Matt and Colleen because he could sleep, probably due to the autopsy that he watched. After getting into bed with them, all seemed fine for Matt and Colleen.

John befriends with the creepy janitor at school. Sophia worries that this could be a problem until she sees that her pop pop is depressed that he’s not his friend anymore. Soon Sophia confronts the janitor and learns that he’s not so bad and has a heart. But when she shows him off to her classmates, they get freaked out.

Trying to celebrate Lark’s birthday a few weeks before the baby is due, turns out that the baby is ready to come. Jen tries to make it through with the party as Greg tries to rush it along as quick as possible. But they just couldn’t make it as Jen’s water broke and she and Greg tell Lark that her baby sister is coming and tells her that she will have some gifts when she meets her new sister. Soon they walk out while Matt and Colleen walk in late forgetting Lark’s gift.

“Recovery Discipline Psycho Labor” was a very good episode. The Tim and Jona story was really good with good character development and watching these two bond together was just hilarious and heartwarming. Matt and Colleen’s story was good as it was awesome to see the return of Dougie once again. It funny watching the kid bond with Dougie; as Matt and Colleen trying to be good parents to both of them. The Sophia story wasn’t as strong as the previous one, but it was okay and probably the weakest storyline in the episode. But the Jen and Greg story brought home the funny as they try to make Lark’s birthday the best; but the baby had plans. I think it was Zoe Lister-Jones’ best performance so far this season.

Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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“Lost Math Art Glam”

As Greg brings Lark to meet her new baby sister, Lark goes on an adventure in the hospital. Greg goes crazy searching for her, thinking that maybe she got on the right floor to see Jen; but when Heather learns what happens she gets Greg to search. After bumping into a singing teddy gram to a child with the flu, Greg finally finds Lark and brings her to meet her sister, who she loves. But when Greg and Jen take at the moment, Heather appears so happy that Lark is okay given Jen the idea that Greg lost Lark but learn that it really happened when a Code Adam was being called on the intercom.

When Sophia is having a hard time with her math homework, Heather and the family try to figure it out, but with it being the new math that it is it’s not at all easy at what it once was. After grabbing Tim, Jen, Greg, and even Colleen to help, Heather was determined to get this work done. She eventually learned from Sam, who she not only paid her but let her go to the new rave.

Matt gives John an artwork from his new grandson and places it on the fridge. But Matt sees that John is acceptable to his son’s artwork and gets him to bond with him as well. But when Matt comes over to check in; he learns that John took him to the golf course but learns even more than his son doesn’t like art but rocks. There’s a strong case to make as the kid was picking up rocks, talking to it and kissing it. Soon Matt gets John to join an art class with Heather but learns that he must put his alcohol in a water bottle and not in a wine glass.

Colleen wants to do a family portrait but Joan isn’t one that wants one. She fears the way she looks in photos and that it all began since school. Colleen finally gets her to do one after telling her she can fix her appearance; but that apparently didn’t go so well with the rest of the family that includes Lark. Colleen and Jen get Joan to sit down at the family table and as she holds the new baby; they finally get the family photo, even though she didn’t smile very well. Still got it!

“Lost Math Art Glam” was a very good and strong episode. From Greg losing Lark in the hospital to Heather and family learning new math was not only hilarious but hits close to home moments too with more on the new math. Even the Family Photo was the icing on the episode cake with good character development with Joan and Colleen. The Matt and John story was good that had some moments but didn’t really follow through I thought. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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