Life In Pieces (S04E08) “X Box Spotlight Glimpse”

This week’s episode of Life In Pieces might have been the best one of the season so far. Here’s a recap!


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As Sam texts Heather and Tim to pick her up in their new X text. The X text is when someone texts someone in the family and they can get picked up without any questions asked; but, when Heather gets an X message from Sam and after she picks her up, is dying to know what happened; even tried to get it out of Tyler and Clementine; but nothing. After trying to sneak into her phone, Sam confronts to her about what had happened and after learning that college students go punished, she couldn’t believe it.

Tim gets tickets for a show and takes Colleen; but when Colleen gets food that Tim can’t have, he breaks his diet and eats it. It turns into a regrettable nightmare for Tim as it causes him to have diarrhea and kept coming during a circus show that he gets to be part of an act that has him locked in a box. Tim tries to hold it, but at each moment it seemed that Tim was having a baby. He even called Heather to have her stop the show even if she was drinking wine with Jen. Soon the act was over as the clowns got Tim out and as quick as he can runs off backstage to the bathroom but by the time he gets to the door it was too late.

When Jen is overwhelmed with her kids, Joan tells her to feed the young one and take a nap while she and John handle Lark. Well, by the time John comes to Greg’s old room, he accidentally sees Jen sleeping but also her whole boob was hanging out. John makes it awkward and a fool of himself when telling Joan but also Jen and Greg. It was later that the conversation was overheard from the rest of the family asking what happen between John and Jen. John tells them that she accidentally saw his ween when feeding her baby. But Jen tells everyone the truth and that opened everyone in the family that they too saw Jen’s boob too.

The final story of the episode deals with how the spotlight us to be on Lark. That all change as Matt and Colleen’s kid can play the piano very well, build a small Eiffel Tower. Greg isn’t too please and tries to win up with Matt; who is just eating it all up because of his history when Greg was born. During a dance show, Greg finally comes to terms that Matt has a very special child with talents above Lark.

“X Box Spotlight Glimpse” was an amazing episode from beginning to the end. Each episode hit its mark with character development and even the humor. Whether it’s Heather dying to know Sam’s pick up a reason to Jen and John’s awkward talk; too even Greg and Matt’s spotlight child and Tim’s regrettable nightmare.  The cast gives a great performance and none really outperforms the other, even in each story. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

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