Mary Kills People (S03E05) “Wolf, Meet Henhouse”

With only one more episode remaining in the third and final season for Mary Kills People, there is death lurking around every corner. With watchful eyes monitoring their every move, they have everything to lose. One wrong move will end all they have worked so hard for.

The beginning of the end

Mary (Caroline Dhavernas) and Ben (Jay Ryan) seem to be hitting their stride, as it should’ve been from the very beginning. Although it is only a matter of time before the “picturesque” happy ending comes to an unfortunate demise. Disaster seems to follow both of them, even when their intentions are focused on helping, instead of hindering. As we hope for the best the lingering thoughts focus on the worst. Will it be different this time? Don’t hold your breath.

marykillspeoples03e051 - Mary Kills People (S03E05) “Wolf, Meet Henhouse”
One Big Happy Family. (Photo: Screenshot By Author of Review)

The writers have done such a fantastic job at weaving these intricate stories, engaging the audience and giving us a different outlook on life and death. Where people deserve to hold that choice, a personal choice, instead of leaving it in the hands of an outside force. With Frances (Elizabeth Saunders) at the helm though, she sees her misgivings as “mercy”, instead of a sadistic serial killer who selfishly indulges her need to “help” those in pain.

The plan to have Frances work in co-operation with the hospice’s “dealings” is a risky endeavor, and one they will all regret to make. She isn’t one to be trifled with, cunning and forever one step ahead. She has been at this for a long time, ending the life of her ill sister so many years prior. It has been in her nature to kill since day one, without giving the proper choice. Just because someone is in pain, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a chance at life. When Frances brings her own father (David Fox)  in as some sick and twisted “threat”, it can only go downhill from that point forward.

marykillspeoples03e054 - Mary Kills People (S03E05) “Wolf, Meet Henhouse”
France’s dark secrets come to the surface. (Photo: Screenshot Taken By Author of Review)
the heart knows and breaks

Des (Richard Short) is taking a “hiatus”, spending the unnumbered amount of blissful moments with Lucy (Rachael Ancheril). Her days are growing fewer, but that has been known since the beginning. She deserves to be in control, right to the bitter end. Watching their relationship unfold has been endearing. It’s something they both needed. Happiness seems to be unattainable for a time, but together, they seem to have “it”. Everyone deserves that kind of love in their life.

marykillspeoples03e056 - Mary Kills People (S03E05) “Wolf, Meet Henhouse”
Happier Times. (Photo: Screenshot Taken By Author of Review)

As with every episode, there is something so heartbreaking that happens, it brings the viewers to tears. As a result of the “merciful” touch of Frances, Lucy’s life is cut even shorter when she is rushed back to the hospice in medical distress. The care and attention Des has given his beloved wasn’t enough to save her from the sadistic actions of Frances. She died alone. How can one recover from such a significant loss? This one, Des is not going to let go of.

Detective Hull (Scott Cavalheiro), having his own suspicions about Ben and his true intentions proves that eyes really ARE everywhere. With all the evidence that has been brought forward against Frances, none of it can be used. Everything is compromised because of Mary and Ben. Perhaps it was too soon to form their “one big happy family.” Just like that, the well laid out plans come crumbling down. Even with the help from Annie (Grace Lynn Kung) and her “sources”, it’s too little, too late.

marykillspeoples03e059 - Mary Kills People (S03E05) “Wolf, Meet Henhouse”
Everything comes crashing down. (Photo: Screenshot Taken By Author of Review)
down the rabbit hole, we go

Chaos surrounds Mary, as well as her children. Cambie (Lola Flanery) is insightful with the inner workings of the world, and unfortunately, Jess (Abigail Winter) is forever the “savior”. Taking on the role her mother has always striven for. When Naomi (Katie Douglas) pleads for her help to end her own suffering, it’s a moment filled with terror and relief. What would anyone do at that moment? It adds more questions than answers, that’s for sure.

marykillspeoples03e0512 - Mary Kills People (S03E05) “Wolf, Meet Henhouse”
Choices to be made. (Photo: Screenshot Taken By Author of Review)

As the episode ends, flashing lights come to call. Leading Nicole (Charlotte Sullivan) away into custody, it’s a profound “I told you so” moment. They have always been pawns in France’s game, and this just proves the lengths she will go through to keep her diabolical ways away from prying eyes. When the autopsy on Lucy is performed, it’s game over.

This series has been an extraordinary journey. Pushing the envelope at every turn and making people think outside the confines of life itself. Content like this must keep getting made, it’s important to ask questions and seek those answers out, exactly what the creators do with this show. Each actor is brilliant in their own right, bringing together an amazing viewing experience. Next week is the series finale, and nothing can prepare me, or other viewers for what is going to happen next.

I’m not ready, yet here we are.

The SERIES FINALE for Mary Kills People airs Sunday, June 16 on Global at 8/7c


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