The Spanish Princess (S01E02) “Fever Dream”

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So “Fever Dream” starts after the ceremony of the wedding between Arthur, Prince of Wales and Catherine of Aragon, now Princess of Wales.

We found the newlywed couple first struggling to well… how do I say this…. consumate the marriage, in their first night as husband and wife, even though Catherine tried something more the couple just slept,

In the following day, the couple talks for some moments until they are interrupted by the sound of Harry’s voice outside their bedroom. In this scene we can see how much rivalry exists between the two brothers and also we can see between the small exchange of glances between Catherine and Harry that they are in love with eachother, most noticeable by Harry’s face than Catherine’s.

Meanwhile there’s a party in the court to congratulate the newlywed couple and to receive aswell scottish men in order to make a peace treaty with England secured by the wedding of Princess Margaret with the scottish king.

In the second night as married, the couple fights because of the reasons behind their marriage, In the following day, the couple leaves the court to their honeymoon, but before they go we see a converstion between Margaret and Catherine that make us understand they’ll develop a strong friendship.

Even before the couple goes away, we see a conversation with Harry and his lady grandmother, Margaret Tudor in wich she says  to him he’s meant to do great things, and the most important thing before the royal  couple goes away is the goodbye scene between Arthur and his mother, Lizzie.

The scene is so powerful, it really feels like a goodbye between mother and son and it hurted watch it I won’t lie to you.

The royal couple goes to the Ludlow Castle to celebrate their honeymoon. There  we see Maggie Pole and Arthur talking, in a talk where she makes him see things about his wedding more clearly.

Catherine and Arthur finally start developing a connection and well they finally consumate their marriage, well at least in the show.

But life can never be too happy, life always finds a way of letting us down. Prince Arthur falls ill and doesn’t survive sadly, now Catherine is back at the english court as a widow and has to prove that she still has a role in England’s story.

The question is how will she prove that she is still important.

“The Spanish Princess” follows the story of Catherine, Princess of Aragon and airs on Starz! on Sundays.

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