The Real Housewives of New York (S11E15) “Life is Not a Cabaret”

It seemed to be the Luann show this week on The Real Housewives of New York. Or has it been that way for a while now? The show started off with the first of many breakdowns with Barbara being its first victim. Barbara opened up about being different from the other women(a given) and how she felt she was always being excluded (also, a given). The Ladies all together told her that she was a Debbie Downer with negative energy. It’s the harsh truth, but isn’t that why we love the New York women? They’re never afraid to hold their tongue. What set Barbara off though, was the fact that Luann didn’t come to her defense and agreed with the other ladies. Which is outrageous considering she’s always had Luann’s back from the very beginning and they’ve known each other for over 20 years. Now when she needed Luann she wasn’t there for her.

Next Luann and Sonja went to AA, where we get our second breakdown. Sonja didn’t handle the class very well and was acting erratic at the pool lounge, clearly having some type of breakdown. Like Tinsley said “She needs a drink!” . It was very upsetting seeing Sonja in that state of mind. It was clear that one of the stories must have set her off about her daughter and ex husband to the extent the ladies felt they had to leave the pool, and go back to their hotel. Now, you would think a person with any sense of emotion would of course follow their friend in need with the rest of the group. Right? No, Instead Luann goes by herself for a swim and a quick stroll to her poster. She couldn’t care less about Sonja and her breakdown, and completely did her own thing.

We finish off with Luann arriving hours later where the other ladies are getting massages, getting their hair blown out and getting ready for dinner. As if the ladies (and us) aren’t completely annoyed with her dismissive and self-absorbed attitude, Luann is the last one to get ready and has the nerve to complain about it to the other woman at dinner. Cue breakdown #3. This time with Bethenny, and she unleashes on Luann for acting entitled, selfish and for not once asking about her fiancé who overdosed. Bethenny was walking around the table screaming towards Luann “Who do you think you’re insufferable!”. It was at this point the ladies had to calm Bethenny down because they were worried she was going to have a heart attack. It’s sad because Bethenny helped Luann not only financially paying for her rehab, but just all around trying to help her as much as she could. Bethenny was just trying to break through to her that everything isn’t always about you and try and be a little compassionate.

Let’s just hope Luann is watching this and learning. The Real Housewives of New York airs at a new time Thursdays at 9 on Bravo.