Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: Interview with Glenn Keogh

Irish actor Glenn Keogh, who plays Trok in the sixth season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC, recently answered a few questions about this new alien role. He also talks about starring with Luke Hemsworth in the upcoming film Encounter and shares what inspires him creatively. It’s highly likely you’ve seen Glenn on television before considering he’s played King Fergus on Once Upon a Time, recurred as Sean O’Brien on Scorpion, and appeared in Sons of Anarchy, Ray Donovan, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Castle, Undercovers, and New Girl. Glenn even hit theaters worldwide in Michael Bay’s blockbuster film Transformers: Age of Extinction.  Here’s my exclusive interview with Glenn Keogh.

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(Glenn Keogh / source: IMDb)

TV Series Hub: What was it like working on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Glenn: An absolute pleasure. After I landed the role, I was very excited to hear Clark Gregg was directing a I have long admired his work. He turned out to be terrific to work with, an absolute top bloke and a real actors Director.

I very much enjoyed my time on set with the other actors also, both Chloe Bennet and Elizabeth Henstridge were absolute sweethearts to work with. They went out of their way to welcome me into the “Marvel Family” and are both exceptionally talented actors to work opposite. The crew and producers were top notch also from the moment I arrived and made the experience a very enjoyable one.

TV Series Hub: Tell us about landing the role of Trok and how much preparation you did before stepping onto set.

Glenn: I was lucky enough to land the role after auditioning at Sarah Finn Casting, who as usual made the process enjoyable and fun. The preparation started as soon as I was cast. I watched a number of episodes and started to quickly form an opinion, essence and feel for Trok. The script clearly painted a picture of my character but I played with him a little to find a “fit” and personality which I felt served the circumstances and story.

I also rehearsed a few times suspended upside down for one of the scenes, which was surprisingly tricky to start with. It’s amazing what a rush of blood to the head can do. Glad I prepped before walking on set for that scene!

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(“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” © ABC — Trok played by Glenn Keogh / source: Medium)

TV Series Hub: Had you ever worked on a Marvel property before; what’s that been like?

Glenn: No, this was first time for me and the experience could not have been better. Fingers crossed I am blessed enough to step back into that Universe in the future.

TV Series Hub: The show has a very loyal following, so did that feel like a burden or a bonus?

Glenn: Very much a bonus. I am well aware of the fanatical fan base and being one myself (most definitely now). It inspired and drove me that little bit more through the process. I never felt any added pressure due to the enormity of the Franchise, simply because I believe I understand and respect it for what it is, brilliant inspiring story telling in an alternative dream-like Universe.

TV Series Hub: We don’t know about your character’s presence moving forward, but is there anything you could tease for us?

Glenn: Unfortunately, I cannot at this time, for obvious reasons. Let’s just say Trok survived and hopes to be back.

TV Series Hub: As an actor, what’s been your main take away from working on this show?

Glenn: Surprisingly how “real” the show was to work on. Despite the fact it is set in an intergalactic universe, it still has a very human feel about it, driven by an incredible cast, crew and set of creators. How lucky we are as performers to play in such a universe is not lost on me either and of course the be part of Marvel Universe in some way was very special.

TV Series Hub: What’s been the biggest highlight of working on this show?

Glenn: Close call between working being Directed by Clark Gregg and working directly with Chloe and Elizabeth, all of which are class acts.

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(Glenn Keogh / source: IMDb)

TV Series Hub: You have a film coming out later this year titled Encounter. What can you share about that?

Glenn: This truly was a special to be part of from the open arms of the people in Augusta, Georgia, where the film shot, to the amazing cast and crew. It was an incredible experience working on this project. It was a very tight group and a pure pleasure from the first moment until the last. The end product is a result of that. Also, I have never laughed so much on a project…and this was not a comedy.

The story follows a group of friends who uncover an otherworldly object which they soon discover holds secrets greater than they could imagine. My character Brent Fleming, is the alpha of the group and goes through a journey he could never have imagined, with a very unexpected outcome. The film also stars Luke Hemsworth and Tom Atkins and is due to be released October 1st. It’s a must see for all sci-fi fans.

TV Series Hub: Overall, what inspires you creatively?

Glenn: Every first-time experience! Be that, working with a new set of producers, director or actors. Discovering bold and complex characters and having a proper laugh wherever possible. The desire to work with an endless list of actors I admire and respect drives me on. Every new project provides a wonderful opportunity to dive in deep and create something magic.

TV Series Hub: Lastly, on any given night, what can we find you watching on TV?

Glenn: My tastes are varied but I tend to veer towards comedy when I get the chance to unwind. I’m also a massive soccer fan and typically can’t scroll past a good game if I find one. I’m also partial to old school classic features, in particular those I saw many years ago and enjoy rediscovering or watching with a “different set of eyes” now that I am an actor.

Thank you, Glenn Keogh, for taking the time to chat with us.

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