Mary Kills People (S03E06) “A Goddamned Saint”

Mary Kills People has been a captivating show from the very beginning. Choosing to forgo the norm and push the proverbial envelope, the creators have brought a dynamic and thought-provoking premise to life. Why can’t people have the ultimate choice when it comes to death? Why live in pain? There is compassion and there is the darker side, murder. This series has explored both. The final episode brings everything full circle.

These are the moments
marykillspeoples03e064 - Mary Kills People (S03E06) “A Goddamned Saint”
“I’ve got to tell you something.” (Photo: Screenshot Taken By Author of Review)

A lot can happen in 24 hours, and that happens to be exactly the allotted time Mary (Caroline Dhavernas) has to convince the world of Frances (Elizabeth Saunders) many misgivings and “mercy” killings. Instead of going at it alone, they have all come together with a well, orchestrated plan to stop Frances from her reign of terror. Mary is not perfect, but her intentions have always been for the greater good of the sick and dying.

Impending catastrophe surrounds Jess (Abigail Winter), who is struggling with Naomi’s (Katie Douglas) plea to be released from life. She has always been the caretaker, looking after others needs, but ending a life like this was never in her wheelhouse. The emotions are poignant, but she was never ready to give up on Naomi. There is so much more to live for. Mary veers off course to step into her motherly role, Frances can wait for the moment. Life is hard, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. The mental health capacity of this show has been so important, it is not background noise, it must be dealt with in a healthy manner.

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Life is a choice. It’s worth it. (Photo: Screenshot Taken by Author of Review)
There are no small parts

Each beloved character has their own important part to play in order to bring Frances down. She has been an expert in her “field” for so many years, playing into her own delusions, endangering the last of her loved ones. If anything, she will stop at nothing to ensure her safety, even if it means killing her own father. This time though, they are ready for her, and she’s not expecting it. Annie (Grace Lynn Kung) and Ben (Jay Ryan) are on their own mission, they need an ace in their pocket, luckily they have one.

There is a profound moment between a heartbroken Des (Richard Short) and Frances, the final face-off if you will. He’s not doing it for Mary. He’s not doing it for himself. It is all for Lucy. She was, and always will be the love of his life. Frances stole those last, special moments from them both. Death is too good for her but giving her the fear she bestows upon others is a good start.

marykillspeoples03e069 - Mary Kills People (S03E06) “A Goddamned Saint”
Mercy? Death? Not today. (Photo: Screenshot Taken By Author of Review)
Embracing Chaos

Instead of Mary hiding from her past, she embraces it. Going to the police and telling them her story. Detective Hull (Scott Cavalheiro) has been leery from the start, even when Mary confesses to killing people, those who choose it. It’s a huge risk, but with the truth out there, Frances no longer has anything on her. This is the beginning of the end, and there is no way out of the consequences this time. If you run from your past long enough, it will eventually catch up. At last, Frances gets hers.

In the aftermath, Joys must be closed down, but it only leads to new opportunities. Life is progressing nicely for everyone. This is the ending the show truly deserved, instead of having fans live off “what ifs”. The cycle isn’t broken, it’s back to basics, just like it always has been. Nicole (Charlotte Sullivan) is free to make her own decisions, she has really come into her own these past three seasons. Instead of misery being incorporated into their existence, there is a sense of peace and closure. I could bore you with all the brilliant details, but if you have watched the show, you’ll know what I mean.

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Time to find a new way. (Photo: Screenshot Taken By Author of Review)
As one door closes, another one opens

The immense talent that goes into making this show successful is awe inspiring. You can tell all the love and care to attention that goes into making each passing episode. This is exactly the type of content that is sorely needed on our television screens. There is no room for complacency, and that perspective is not only refreshing but encouraged. Life is not just black and white, there are grey areas that must be accounted for. This is exactly what Mary Kills People does.

I just want to express my thanks to the cast and crew for giving us such an amazing story over the years. It will be greatly missed. My heart is heavy, but the closing of this tale is organic, the way it always should’ve been. I guess happy endings really do exist.

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Back to where they started. (Photo: Screenshot Taken By Author of Review)


This was the SERIES finale for Mary Kills People


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