The Spanish Princess (S01E03) “An audacious plan”

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After the heartbreaking death of Prince Arthur, the episode starts with the family preparing themselves in differents ways to  the funeral.

The  scene was overall a scene full of emotions, from anger to sadness it was a powerful scene without any questions.

We can’t move on from this scene without talking about how the court is pressuring Catherine to know if she is carrying a child or not.

Margaret Tudor, even says to the princess that her condition is a matter of the state, we can’t judge her for feeling pressure.

But Catherine ain’t pregnant and she plots her plan to get married with you know who, Prince Harry in order to do what she was meant to be,  Queen of England.

Meanwhile we have a small time jump and we see Catherine and Harry approaching, and it’s so noticeable that he’s felling for her and even though I know what the future holds to their relationship I can’t help but ship them… and that’s all because of the chemistry between the actors.

They even go sword fighting… what a couple… what a couple… anyways I must fangirl later. They are interrupted by Margaret Tudor, who ruins this beautiful moment and takes Catherine with her.

Catherine and Harry meet again, on one of the gardens and when she goes away to sleep,  he contemplates her, oh my gosh I want them together, I need them together.

Then we move on to a scene between Harry’s parents, if you know their story from the prequel “The White Princess” you certainly fell in love with this scene.

Later that night, after the dinner with all the family, Harry and Catherine meet  in the gardens, as Catherine had planned and Harry confirms he doesnt wants her to go and what she replies that her mother is planning already her next marriage, in Catherine’s word “first” marriage, making Harry confused what makes him ask to her if Arthur did something to her.

At what she says, “nothing at all” making him believe the marriage between Arthur and Catherine wasn’t consumated, making him believe that she can marry him, the prince at whom she wrote love letters, at what she asks if it’s possible.

He says that he’ll talk with his father, to get the permission of the Pope. Again as Catherine planned.

When Harry goes to talk with his father, he founds him with his mother, Lizzie who isn’t looking very well, and he says what he intends to do in what regards, Catherine.

But, Lizzie gets in early labour and the conversations ends.

While the labour happens, Catherine talks with Maggie Pole in order to convince her that she is a virgin and never laid with Arthur.

Lizzie gives born to a baby girl that is dead.

Meanwhile, Lizzie’s condition worses and she warns her husband to not let Catherine and Harry marry, because if they do, the Tudor line will have no more male heirs, then she whispers something in Henry’s ear and died on his arms. Two deaths in a row.. who can handle this?

The episode ends with the family of Lizzie surrounding her death body and with Catherine writing to her mother, telling that she will be married with Harry.

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