The Spanish Princess (S01E04) “The Battle for Harry”

After the death of Queen Elizabeth “Lizzie” of York in the previous episode we find a broken king.

A broken king that couldn’t even show up in the funeral of his wife.

Instead, he took refugee in the Tower of London and is there that his mother goes to him, to convince him to be the King the country needs.

It’s also there that Margaret Beaufort learns that her grandson wants to marry Catherine and no surprise at all here, she’s against it.

Meanwhile, Catherine finds Harry mourning his mother and he asks her how can she deal with the fact that she might never see her mother again, while crying.

And let me tell you he wasn’t the only one crying… Here am I crying while writing this.

And Catherine comforts him by telling him a story about her mother and in the end of it she says that even though he’s wounded he remained standing.

At what he replied that he stands for her (I MIGHT BE SCREAMING RIGHT NOW) … overall it was a cute moment.

After that, Margaret Tudor self-proclaims herself the regent of the kingdom, while the king mourns. Wich means trouble to Catherine.

The now regent goes to see the widow and tells her she knows she isn’t a virgin,.

Catherine replies she and Arthur pretended to consumate the wedding and Margaret expells Catherine from her chambers.

Margaret goes to see  her grandson and he tries to justify his wedding to Catherine  claiming it’s a good deal for the kingdom he will one day heritate.

 Harry is  convinced with his decision and nothing makes him change his mind, leaving his grandmother speechless.

Meanwhile Margaret and Richard Pole pay their condolences to the King that blames Margaret for Lizzie’s death.

That’s when Harry enters and informs everyone in the room that he is to marry Catherine in june, but he knows that Catherine went away from the castle because of his grandmother, and that he still awaits for the dispensation of the pope.

Margaret, the King’s mother informs the king about Catherine’s departure and asks if he wrote anything to the pope, at what he replies that the words that Lizzie said in her death bed don’t leave his mind.

Catherine arrives at what is now her “home” in England, far away from the castle and I just feel so sad for her.

Meanwhile, in the castle Lady Margaret Pole helps Margaret Tudor with her wedding and she answers some questions the princess has about the first night as a married woman.

Harry goes to visit Catherine and says that his grandmother will change his mind and let her go back to the castle.

Before he leaves he says that she won’t be there for long, at what she replies that she’s staying there until the king  comes back as a King.

In the following day, Harry takes Catherine to hunt in the wood and the whole scene is just PERFECTION.

When Catherine’s comes back, she has a letter of her mother awaiting, saying to her that she has to come back to Spain as a widow, Catherine refuses and proclaims that she will be the Queen of England.

In the palace, Margaret Beaufort bardens Margaret Pole from every royal residence forever and I’m pissed.

Margaret Tudor, is ready to leave for Scotland, but before she says goodbye to her siblings and she says to Harry “Don’t let anyone poison you” she is truly hoping he marries Catherine. What they didn’t expect was that the King would return as King and say goodbye to his daughter.

YEP he’s back finally, he is a way more fair king than his mother is a regent.

The King announces a feist to celebrate in that night and Catherine is invited to it.

Everything seems like the wedding bells are arriving to Catherine and Harry but Henry VII announces that a royal wedding is going to happen between him and Catherine.

Catherine is shocked and Harry leaves the room angry

For today, I leave  you here

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