“Everyone on the cast is so spectacular, and multi-talented”, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Burl Moseley says about his former cast mates

Months after Crazy Ex-Girlfriends series finale, we got to ask Burl Moseley, who played Jim on the show, a few questions. If you want more information on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, check our interview with Donna Lynne Champlin here (2016).

burlmoseley headshot - "Everyone on the cast is so spectacular, and multi-talented", Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Burl Moseley says about his former cast mates
Burl Moseley
Could you give a short introduction about yourself?

“Well, certainly! I am an American actor currently living and working in Los Angeles. Most recently, I wrapped four seasons on CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND for the CW network. While I seem to be doing a bunch of comedy at the moment, I enjoy dramatic roles as well! Honestly, so long as the part is interesting, I’m game to do whatever! Some other hobbies I enjoy are martial arts and gaming.”

Was performing something you always wanted to do?

“Yeah! I started out as a kid performing in school plays and such and got bitten by the acting bug right away. I had a ton of energy as a child and I think my parents were just overjoyed that they had found this outlet for me to channel all of that into. Later on, around high school, I found out that acting was a legitimate career choice and I haven’t looked back since!”

You started off your career in sketch/improv groups and later went on to do some off-Broadway shows. What are the biggest differences between that and doing a TV show?

“Probably the biggest difference, for me, is the massive crew of people behind the camera that come together to make a television show. The first time I worked on a TV set I was astonished at all the people milling about. I had heard that sets could get busy, but I wasn’t ready for all the folks that are necessary to get a show off the ground.”

How did you get the role of Jim Kittworth? What are the similarities and differences between you and Jim?

“I got a call from my agent that casting wanted to have me come in and read so I did! They sent along a sizzle reel of the pilot episode and I just thought the show was very funny and quite clever. When I first read the role, I thought, “Oh… I know this guy!” And, then I just kind of took it from there. Jim was a fan of drumming, so that was my starting point. I also enjoy a good rhythm, but to Jim it sort of became his life for a while! Jim is also much more dry and sarcastic than I am in life.”

Jim - "Everyone on the cast is so spectacular, and multi-talented", Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Burl Moseley says about his former cast mates
Burl Moseley as Jim Kittworth
How would you describe Crazy ex-girlfriend in one word?

“Uh… “CRAZY.” Ha!”

What do you think makes the show so unique?

“The humor is really well-crafted and the musical numbers are top notch. Everyone on the cast is so spectacular, kind, and multi-talented! Also, in tackling mental health, I think the show really set itself apart from other comedies on television. Aline and Rachel [the co-creators] are definitely a dynamic duo.”

rachelaline - "Everyone on the cast is so spectacular, and multi-talented", Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Burl Moseley says about his former cast mates
Co-creators Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna
How did a normal day on the set of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend look for you?

“Oh man… let’s see… usually a lot of filming of my scenes and whenever I wasn’t shooting I could literally be found in one of two places – either over at the food station snacking my face off, or hanging out in the cast section with my buddy Michael McMillian, who plays Tim to my Jim, watching him play the latest ZELDA game on his Nintendo!”

How was the atmosphere on set?

“I mean, Michael brought his gaming system pretty much every week, so it was pretty chill. It was one of the best sets I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on. My home away from home.”

Who was the craziest/funniest on set?

“I think I gotta go with Pete Gardner on this one. That man has so much energy it’s insane. He was one of the first people I met on the show and we would improv together both on and off set. Performing little comedic bits with Pete made the long hours fly by.”

jimtimdarryl - "Everyone on the cast is so spectacular, and multi-talented", Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Burl Moseley says about his former cast mates
Michael McMillian (Tim), Pete Gardner (Darryl) and Burl Moseley (Jim)
How was it to work with Rachel Bloom?

“It. Was. A. Dream. I’ll never forget the first time I made Rachel laugh. It was season one and we were between takes just goofing around and bouncing jokes off of one another. Anyway, I said some joke (I forget exactly what) but it made Rachel freeze in place and then all I heard was this sort of loud guffaw come out of her! She really does have the biggest, most contagious laugh.”

What do you miss most about the show?

“Hanging out with my friends and eating all the delicious food.”

What was your favorite episode to shoot? What was your favorite scene?

“Any episode where I was eating food. Okay, just kidding, but not really! I enjoyed the Devil Wears Prada parody episode that we did. My favorite scene in that one was probably when everyone is at the Italian restaurant because I got a chance to really bring the funny with Scott [Michael Foster, who played Nathaniel] and Danny [Jolles, who played George]!”

I loved your song ‘Don’t Be A Lawyer’. What did you like most about shooting this particular song?

“‘Don’t Be A Lawyer’ was my most favorite thing that I ever did on the show, hands down! It’s so hard to choose something that I liked the most because the whole experience was just stellar all around. Every department came together to make something truly special and I’m super proud of it. But, if I HAD to choose only one thing… I think it might be the costumes.”

What is your favorite song that you didn’t perform in?

“‘Heavy Boobs.’ That song’s amazing.”

Do you like how the series ended?

“I do! It’s a wonderful, thoughtful ending! I wouldn’t change a thing!”

Now that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is over, do you have any other projects that you are working on right now?

“There are a couple of projects that I’m sworn to secrecy about, but in general I’m always looking for the next thing!”

Do you have any advice for aspiring performers?

“Yes! So often we hear that this industry is about waiting in some proverbial “line” and that if you do, your number will eventually be called. I say forget that! Get out of line! Blaze your own trail! Ask questions! And, above all, when you finally make it onto a television set… don’t forget to try all of the delicious food!”

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