Life In Pieces (S04E09) “Four Short Fairy Tales”

From lying about a rat in the house to battling the for partnership at a law firm; these are just some of the stories in this episode of Life In Pieces.

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“Four Short Fairy Tales” is as exactly what it is with the Short family characters dealing with life moments from a fairy tale perspective and it works. From Tim buying for his efforts for staying healthy by buying a wired wig; gets the family pretending to like it but not. Jen deals with the work-life in a Cinderella-style with evil co-workers thinking that mommy life takes away from Jen’s work-life. After staying at work and finishing up paperwork, Jen enjoys the night with her boss and co-workers. The next day Jen’s co-workers try to take credit for the work she did, but proved that she did it because of the breast milk stan that was left on the paper.

Joan deals of her family through a retirement party but she gets saved by a rat in the house. After Oscar comes and gets the rat; Joan still uses the rat as an excuse for not having the retirement party. She tells Oscar about it and comes to terms with John but when she actually sees a real rat across the room John doesn’t believe her.

Meanwhile, Matt and Greg tried to build a playhouse for their kids that their dad took down, twice. After realizing that John didn’t build his boys to be builders, he took the time to build the final and perfect playhouse out of bricks but also have it’s own water source too.

This was another hilarious episode that had a lot of great moments; from Tim’s new hair and getting the only support for it from Colleen. Jen fighting for that partnership in the style of Cinderella was really good and tied with Joan crying rat in the house as the best stories in the episode. And the father and sons of John, Greg and Matt building a playhouse for the kids was very good. Strong writing and good character development mainly with Jen and Joan, I think. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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