Life in Pieces (S04E10) “Letter Promise Adult Seventy”

From a well-thought-out promised to a family divorce; here’s a recap of Life In Pieces.

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When Matt and Colleen celebrate their son’s acceptance to Lark’s school; they take out Greg and Jen out to dinner to repay them for the letter they had sent. One little problem, they didn’t write a letter. Greg and Jen try their best to not only accept the dinner but also trying not to go all out, but after sharing a bone with his brother Greg admits to Matt that he didn’t write the letter. Soon the dinner would be covered by Jen and Greg after.

Sophia confronts her mom and dad about the promise that they made for her; if she could do all the chores on the list she could get a pig. Tim and Heather try to talk Sophia out of getting her that pig and get her to agree to get a cell phone instead. But Sam tells them that they have been played by Sopha as getting a pig was a plan to getting a cell phone. Tim and Heather go with Sophia’s plan and get her the pig that she always wanted; even if it does leave a mess in the house.

Clementine confronts Tim about a problem that deals with Tyler having a lump on his left testicle. That gets Tim worried and have a chat with Tyler about getting it checked out. But at dinner, everyone learns about Tyler’s problem, even Heather, and Tyler finally goes to the doctor. After seeing a children’s doctor, Tyler meets with a doctor for adults and learn that it’s just a cyst, but gets a rectum check as well. Welcome to adulthood!

John learns the terrible news about his parents; they’re getting a divorce after 70 years. John gets Joan to help him get them to stay together by having dinner and remembering the good old days; but that really backfired. John learns why they have been together for 70 years that they thought he would have died during his time as an air pilot. After talking to Joan about it, John comes back to see that his mother has died at the dinner table. As Joan gets the word about the planned service for John’s mother, John makes a remark about their own marriage that could surprise his parents.

“Letter Promise Adult Seventy” was just another witty hilarious episode; making me laugh from the beginning to the end. As the Greg’Jen/Mat/Colleen story was good and funny, it didn’t hold up to the other stories like Sophia and her parents to even Tyler going to the doctor and John’s parents. The writing was so damn good in this episode It’s probably one of my top favorite episodes of the season. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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