Life in Pieces (S04E11) “Clean Pens Grandma Guys”

From a scary grandma to a guy’s party, here’s a recap of last week’s episode of Life In Pieces. 

proxy? 10 - Life in Pieces (S04E11) "Clean Pens Grandma Guys"

When Greg and Jen hire a cleaning lady, it turns out to be the same cleaning lady that has been cleaning Joan and John’s house since Greg was born. But here’s the thing, she doesn’t actually clean the house but sleeps while working. Jen learns that Joan does most of the cleaning after the cleaning lady is like done and that the reason why they’ve kept her was that she irons John’s pants so well. Jen fires the cleaning lady and soon Greg and Joan decide to fix the problem…by cleaning up themselves.

After watching Antiques Roadshow, John decides to turn in those pens that he’s given the kids during his time as an airline pilot that could be worth a lot of money. After disappointing John, Greg, Heather and Matt hunt for the pens but without any luck they found a set of pens on eBay. As they told John that they found the pens, they realize that the pens that they bought were the ones that John put on eBay for $700. That did make John pretty happy. 

Matt and Colleen’s son is scared of Joan. Joan thinks it’s anxiety, but Colleen thinks it’s just a phase and that he’ll get over it. Colleen learns that the real reason was that the witch in a story looks like Joan. Colleen confronts Joan about it and she tries to deny it but accepts and walks away after sweeping up candy on the floor. 

The fight of the year is about to start and Tim invited the guys for an all guy’s night at his house. But the only person that shows up was Matt and it turns into one weird and awkward night for the both of them as Tim tries to take off his pants and just started the margarita machine that takes four hours. But as soon as the fight begins, it’s over within 15 seconds and Matt tries to leave but comes back realizing that no one was coming to Tim’s party and comes back and takes a photo to show off to Greg. 

“Clean Pens Grandma Guys” was a very good episode, but didn’t live up to the previous episode as hilariously funny. It was really a split 50/50 of good and okay stories in this episode. The ones that were good were John’s pens and Tim’s guys night. The character development was good as so the writing too. As for the scary grandma and the cleaning lady stories, it just seems a bit predictable at times. But the humor was there at times. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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You can catch the one-hour series finale of Life in Pieces tonight at 9/8c on CBS.