Jett (S01E01) “Daisy”

Jett kicked off it’s series premiere in classic Cinemax style. From tough guys making wisecracks to a full on penis shot ending in a bullet to the head it checked all the Cinemax boxes. Although there is some measure of predictability to the show, all in all, I’m excited!

***spoilers ahead***

Carla Gugino plays Daisy “Jett” Kowalski, a former thief who’s out of prison and ready to live a normal life. She’s working as a bartender, caring for her daughter Alice (Violet McGraw) and laying low. Ha. That lasts all of 5 minutes before she’s drawn back into the underworld by crime boss Charlie Baudelaire (Giancarlo Esposito). Shenanigans ensue and Jett’s world is turned upside down. The rest of the season will be dealing with the fallout of her failed mission for Charlie.

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The Style

I love the style of the show from the clothes to the sets to the lighting choices. Jett is smart and sexy. Carla Gugino is 47 and I am absolutely girl crushes on this fierce woman. Too often by 47 actresses are no longer shown as the sexy vixen and I’m loving that Jett pulls no punches. From the beautifully fitted dresses to a gorgeous nude bathroom show, Gugino absolutely knocks our socks off.

The lighting in the episode was spot on throughout. The best scene for me was while Jett’s partner Quinn (Mustafa Shakir) is breaking into the safe. The dark was beautifully lit. Yes, that’s a thing. With just enough backlight and use of his flashlight, you felt that oppressive darkness while STILL able to actually see the screen. I know several shows that should take note.

I’m really loving the sets and scenery so far, with one notable exception. The initial montage of Quinn and Jett arriving in Cuba was absurd. It was footage we’ve all seen a million times and just set my teeth on edge. I was literally sitting there wondering if this was going to turn into a heist parody show. I’m hoping we won’t get any more montage shots in that vein.

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The Personalities

Jett is enigmatic so far, as it should be. This episode was a lot of introduction, a lot of world building and there is only so much you can learn in 50 minutes. She’s strong, determined and resourceful. She’s tough but can act vulnerable when needed. She’s extremely intriguing and I look forward to learning more about her back story.

Ok, I admit it, I love a good bad guy. And Christopher Backus’s henchman won me over within minutes of the episode starting. Give me a guy who can calmly shoot someone in the head and then be worried he sounded “stupid” when calling to blackmail the next target. A guy who would shrug off killing someone and lecture a wife on fidelity is someone I’m all in for. For now.

I want to talk about Quinn. I loved Quinn. I love Mustafa Shakir. I’m devasted. The end.

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With the blackmail evidence Quinn discovered, I’m assuming Jr (Gentry White) was involved in setting up Jett. How did Bastic (Greg Bryk) get ahold of those photos? Was the man Jr was laying on actually dead? Was Jr truly involved in that death?

Will Jett tell Charlie what’s up, or is she really Bastic’s “pet” for now?

Is Quinn actually dead? That last one is just me hoping and wishing he’s not, I don’t truly think he’s magically alive. Boo.


In all, I’m excited. This series looks to give us exactly what we’ve been missing with shows like Banshee canceled, and Strike Back and Warrior in their offseason.