NOS4A2 (S01E03) “The Gas Mask Man”

Alright guys and gals this episode brought us a lot of clarity on a character and we have a lot more to talk about so let’s hop into this review!

So in this episode we see Charlie Manx (Zachary Quinto) putting Bing (Olafur Olafsson) to work by trying to find out more about the user of The Shorter Way Bridge and as Charlie stays with Bing, he gets older no longer looking so young. Bing takes Mr.Manx to where the bridge used to be and realizes the user must live nearby and finds Haley (Darby Camp) looking for her lost cat Mittens. And Charlie tries luring Haley to the car but she knew better and ran away.

Charlie gave Bing his first and final warning to never hurt a child they are the innocent ones. After that Bing got ready for the following night by packing up the gasses to help with the plan. And the final piece was the gas mask.

Meanwhile Maggie (Jahkara Smith) flies down to Haverhill to warn Vic (Ashleigh Cummings) about the Wraith, that it’s hunting Vic. Vic doesn’t want to hear the warnings and wants the normal life, she goes on a trip with Willa (Paulina Singer) to see what Ritzy Art School would be like and try getting in.

While at Ritzy, the administrator said in some special cases such as abuse would help her file as independent for the registration and Vic ran out not wanting to hear about it and started having visions of Haley being in danger, even visions of Charlie Manx.

Charlie and Bing begin their plan to take Haley Smith from her home by knocking out the mother Sharon Smith (Elizabeth Stanley) and then taking Haley from her bed and gently place her in the Wraith car. Charlie finds friendly Mittens and kills the poor kitty. That poor cat never stood a chance against Charlie Manx.

As Vic got back from her trip she finds out that Maggie has been trying to contact her all day. Because she got a message from her scrabble pieces that read about Haley and Mittens. Vic rode her bike to Haley’s house only to find Haley’s father talking with police and a dead Mittens in the lawn. The police radio started playing Christmas music which was a symbol for the Wraith.

Will Vic find Haley before its too late only one way to find out keep watching.

Honestly this episode is everything a good episode needs it’s so good. The episode itself is phenomenal even with Zachary Quinto having to always switch from old man to young man again but it’s interesting to see such dedication to a role can do for an actors career.

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