NOS4A2 (S01E04) “The House of Sleep”

Alright guys and gals we had another great episode, each part of the story gets more and more interesting I haven’t been this excited for a series since Van Helsing, just saying. But let’s get to this review!

So in this episode we learn much more about Bing (Olafur Olafsson) and how horrible his parents really were to him that created such a confused but conflicted person in the end. Turns out Bing’s father John (Larry Mitchell) was the main abuser in the family, causing a mental and physical abuse towards Bing. It was because of all the abuse that caused Bing in his teenage years to kill his father with a nail gun and raped his own mother June (Miriam Silverman) and tragically met the same fate as his father with the nail gun to the head.

As the story continued we see Vic using the bridge once again to find the house of sleep only finding out it belongs to Bing. Vic refuses to believe it’s Bing whose doing everything and rides away to tell Maggie (Jahkara Smith) that her scrabble is wrong but it wasn’t wrong about Haley (Darby Camp) being taken by the Wraith. Vic just can’t see that a person who she calls her friend is responsible for the disappearance of Sharon Smith (Elizabeth Stanley) and Haley.

Meanwhile, Charlie Manx (Zachary Quinto) tries getting the truth out of Haley by finding out who the user is of the Shorter Way Bridge. Haley continues to refuse but starts noticing something is happening to her. Haley is already converting into a vampire and Charlie is getting younger again. Charlie tries telling Haley they come from similar families. Haley liking all the tricks and truths that Charlie is giving to her and she finally caves after losing all her teeth and having her vampire teeth grow in, she told Charlie the name of the user of the Shorter Way. Now Vic is truly on Charlie’s radar. Charlie left little newborn vampire Haley with other friends in Christmas Land.

Vic returns to Bing’s to get her comics back but also tries prying the truth from Bing. She tells him, he can tell her anything and she will understand. But Bing didn’t want to tell and chose to show another side of himself to Vic. Vic brought out her pocket knife to defend herself against Bing. Bing got a call from Charlie but wants to talk to Vic, Vic and Charlie finally get to talk but wants to learn more about her bridge and agrees to meet face to face.

Bing tells Vic, Haley is better off without Sharon. Vic demands Bing to tell her where Sharon is, Bing tells Vic he cleansed Sharon of her sins. Vic went to the Shorter Way Bridge to find out where Sharon is. The bridge lead her to a field with fresh dirt in the form of a burial ground. Vic uncovered the dirt to find what she feared it would be the body of Sharon.

I think it’s right here Vic finally starts understanding that hers and Maggie’s abilities are not just fun and games but also have major consequences and we shall see next time what happens when you meet with the Wraith!

Next Episode: Nos4A2 (S01E05) “The Wraith” airs Sunday June 30, 2019 at 10/9c on AMC