NOS4A2(S01E01) “The Shorter Way”

A new series with twists and turns as each episode play out. It’s a great start so let’s welcome my readers to the world of NOS4A2!

So in this first episode we meet the elderly vampire known as Charlie Manx (Zachary Quinto). We see him doing his normal routine finding kids who need to be saved from the villainous parents who treat their kids like shit. Charlie’s latest kidnapped victim is Danny Moore (Asher Miles  Fallica), a child who wants to be understood and who better to understand the child than the soul leaching vampire himself.

As we see the story progress we are introduced to Vic McQueen (Ashleigh Cummings) whose a teen girl who is about to graduate high school and wants to attend art school. Everything is going great except for having to hear her parents fight about things such as getting drunk, leaving the family, even regrets about having Vic. Whenever Vic hears them arguing she takes her dirt bike out for a ride but one day there’s something she didn’t recognize being on the dirt path it was a bridge. When Vic had on her mind to find her mothers lost credit card she took the bridge which led her to her best friend Willa’s (Paulina Singer) house which lead her to the credit card that Willa’s mom was holding for her or her mom to come get. During the time there Vic got upset over hearing how her mom might need help because of her father being drunk and abusive but Vic didn’t want to hear that she took the card and left.

After Vic used the bridge, her bridge came on the radar of Charlie; Charlie took out his map of psychic creatives who have used their gifts many times with their endscapes and saw a new destination appear called ‘The Shorter Way’ this makes him very fascinated but before he can find the user of the bridge he has to take little now turned vampire Danny to Christmas Land. A place of wonder and joy and you never need sleep, all you have is all the candy and games you ever need to make you happy.

Another psychic by the name of Maggie (Jahkara Smith) uses her scrabble pieces to help her find things but this time they had messages telling her The Wraith/Charlie Manx has Danny and the only one who can help is a person known as ‘The Brat’. But how long can Vic stay off the radar before danger comes to her door?

As Vic continues with spending time with her parents especially with the 4th of July coming they always go to Aunt Cassie’s restaurant to eat and drink and watch the fireworks. But this year Vic wanted to try to spend it with her friends but it didn’t work out too good. When she came back to her parents who were wasted and singing drunk, Vic saw for the first time the bruises from where her dad hit her mom. The next day Vic’s dad Chris (Ebon Moss-Bacharach) couldn’t find his watch, Vic stopped the argument before it could get physical but couldn’t stand to stay in the house, she takes The Shorter Way Bridge again but giving her a side effect she didn’t have last time which was a migraine. She continued on with the bridge leading her right to her fathers watch at Aunt Cassie’s restaurant. Vic went on her way home but the migraine and bleeding left eye forced her to faint forcing her parents to come get her. When Vic wakes up she tells her father about the nightmare about the man with razor sharp teeth. She goes back to sleep after telling her father about finding the watch. After that Vic’s father leaves and chooses to live with his girlfriend Tiffany (Jamie Neumann) Vic takes the Shorter Way Bridge to the destination to find out the truth and it’s real!

Next Episode: NOS4A2(S01E02) “The Graveyard of What Might Be”