NOS4A2(S01E02) “The Graveyard of What Might Be”

Creepier and Creepier the series gets but that’s what you look forward to in a good horror story. So let’s get to this review!

So in this episode we see Bing ( Olafur Olafsson) enjoying one of the comics that Vic (Ashleigh Cummings) shared with him. But he sees an advertisement that reads about Christmas Land, Bing always feeling misunderstood chose to write a letter explaining why he would be a perfect fit for a job in Christmas Land. Bing has a dream that night about vampire Danny (Asher Miles Fallica) asking him if he would want to come to Christmas Land, Bing says yes, and Danny tells Bing look at the moon if it winks then he will be in touch with Mr. Charlie Manx (Zachary Quinto) and if it doesn’t wink then he’ll meet a fate worse than death. The moon winks at Bing and the nightmare ends.

The next day Bing gets a visit from Charlie Manx at his other job. Charlie wanted to interview Bing himself to see what he would say about taking a job in Christmas Land for a security kind of job. But Charlie drugs Bing and takes him for a ride.

Meanwhile, Vic tries to stay with her dad Chris (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) and his girlfriend Tiffany (Jamie Neumann) and sure enough it brought on more arguments when Linda (Virginia Kull) Vic’s mother, came to argue with Chris. Vic got on her bike and went back on the Shorter Way Bridge only to land in a completely different state known as Here, Iowa; where Maggie (Jahkara Smith) meets Vic for the first time. Maggie has more questions than answers but knows for sure that Vic is the chosen one to help find Danny and any of the other missing kids. Maggie tells Vic that she’s like her a strong creative who knows how to use their endscape to its full potential. Maggie demonstrates her ability with the scrabble bag which has to be bigger on the inside it swallows her whole arm. And she spells out the words with scrabble pieces. Vic wanting to be normal chooses to leave and go back to Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Bing wakes up in the old Wraith car that belongs to Charlie. Charlie takes Bing to the Graveyard outside of Christmas Land known as the Graveyard of What Might Be, it’s here that Charlie explains to Bing all these graves are people who he tried to save or wanted to but was corrupted by the world in all its cruel natures. Bing sees his own grave and Charlie comforts him telling him he’s so sorry he couldn’t be there for Bing when he needed him back then. But he’s here now and thus a villainous henchman is born.Bing agrees to help Charlie out in his crusade to save the children from their whore and abusive parents.

When Vic returns home her friend Haley Smith (Darby Camp) saw the bridge for a split second and Vic made her promise that she would never tell anyone about what she just saw. Haley being the sweet kid she is agrees and continues trying to find her cat Mittens.

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