Krypton (S02E03) “Will To Power”

This episode started with Seg (Cameron Cuffe) and Adam (Shaun Sipos) still running away from Lobo (Emmett J. Scanlan) through the Coluan forest. What’s interesting is that we finally see Seg interact with Brainiac (Blake Ritson) in some sort of a mind palace. Brainiac tries to convince Seg to give in to him, as he tries to do for most of the episode. However, we see that Brainiac is still fragile, and luckily, Seg could exploit it by accessing Brainiac’s memory which leads to the natal chamber he eventually uses to separate himself from Brainiac.

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Credit: Syfy

It was interesting to see the interactions between Brainiac and Seg. We see Brainiac trying very hard to win control over Seg, using his emotions to toy with him by taking the form of his loved ones—Nyssa (Wallis Day), Kem (Rasmus Hardiker), and eventually Lyta (Georgina Campbell). Thankfully, Seg manages to not be affected and regained consciousness which leads to his separation from the parasitic Brainiac.

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Meanwhile, on the outside, Lobo is catching up on Seg and Adam, almost getting to them before they managed to escape via the Zeta Beam. However, he did butcher Brainiac’s new body afterward. So, does this mean his mission is over? Is that the last of Lobo that we’re going to see? I sincerely hope not as I’ve grown to love this character.

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Next, let’s move to Jayna (Ann Ogbomo) and Dev (Aaron Pierre). They’ve worked together to clean up the mess that they’ve made after the fight with the Sagitari. Jayna tries to convince Dev to join forces with her to stop Dru-Zod (Colin Salmon). However, Dev explains that he’s seen what Kandor has become, what Lyta has become, and has little hope for her to change.

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I particularly liked the moment when Dev mentioned that he and Jayna are relics of the past, indicating the major difference that the new Kandor and the old one has. Towards the end of the episode, we see Dev break down in tears after regaining consciousness after he was saved by Jayna. This was a nice sort-of “mother and son” moment between those two.

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In Wegthor, the resistance is planning an attack that could help them gain an upper hand. Also, Nyssa meets a former lover and ignites the old flame in order to get access to some information that she has.

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Back in Kandor, Lyta asks to be assigned to Wegthor again which was a fruitful attempt. Zod finally agrees and both of them share a mother and son moment.

Overall, this was another fun episode, but I am waiting for these storylines to connect and for these characters to finally meet again.