Ashley Gerasimovich discusses ‘The Detour’ Season 4

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Ashley Gerasimovich

Ashley Gerasimovich was born as Ashley Elizabeth Gerasimovich. She is an actress, known for The Detour (2016), We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011) and Louie (2010). [IMDB] Last season her character ‘Delilah’, ran away from home and the family went in search for her. This season focuses on the family trying to finding her and another set of crazy adventures the Parker family goes through. This will be her fourth interview with TV Series Hub.

Welcome back to TV Series Hub, what is different from last time we spoke?

Thanks so much! Well, I’m 15 now and I just finished my first year of high school.  I also spent a couple of months in Vancouver, BC filming season 4 of The Detour too, which was amazing!  I really enjoyed it.

Another season, another adventure. It seems like this season really focuses on Delilah’s story. What should we expect from it?

At the end of season 3, Delilah ran away.  Season 4 really focuses on all the questions the audience might have, like what Delilah has been up to, what will The Parkers do to find her, and all that kind of good stuff.

Looking back to when you began and where you are now, how has ‘The Detour’ impacted your life?

I’ve definitely found a second family with the cast.  I’ve also learned so much about my skills as an actor and have really been able to develop them.  Overall, It’s been an amazing ride!

How does it feel like having your character on the spotlight this season?

It’s really flattering!  Seeing the story in Season 4 so focused on Delilah is a really fun experience for me, and I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to portray such a great storyline and character.  I loved it!

Do you relate to Delilah ever since she ran away? What messages do you unpack when looking at why she ran?

I understand why Delilah ran away, but I don’t think I would have taken the same course of action if I was in her shoes.  As the message goes, the reason why she ran away, it was a long time coming.  Delilah felt trapped in her family and wanted to be away from all the craziness.  Delilah believed she could do better on her own, like an adult leaving their parent’s house, just a little too early.

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Ashley Gerasimovich plays Delilah on The Detour

What do you think about being known as Delilah from The Detour whenever anyone may refer to you?

I think Delilah is an insanely cool character, so I think it’s awesome that people associate me with her!  I love it!

Without giving away any spoilers, how crazier will the season get? What was the best part for you?

Well, the most I can say is “JAPAN”!  In my opinion, that episode is the craziest one of the series!  So buckle your seat belts, buddies!  The best part of Season 4 for me was actually finding out what Delilah has been up to after she ran away.  That was such a fun episode to film!

At 15, you are a regular in an amazing comedy show, did you ever see that coming? How proud are you and your family?

I never saw this coming at all!  I was 10 years old when we filmed the pilot, so being a part of this show for 5 years, I feel so incredibly lucky!  I love The Detour!  I’m really proud of myself for how far I’ve come as an actor, and my family is really supportive and sooo proud of me, too!

Do you have any memorable fan moments? What was the funniest one?

Well, one of the funniest moments was when I went food shopping with my Mom at our local supermarket.  I didn’t put myself together at all, I was in sweats!  As we were leaving and walking to our car, a fan stopped me and recognized me.  I took pictures with him in my sweatpants!  He told me how much he loves The Detour and how it’s his favorite show, it was really cool.  There are other fan moments, but to me, that was the funniest one.

Balancing your acting career with other aspects of your life may be tough, how do you strike the balance? Has it gotten easier with time?

It’s a couple of months out of the year that I’m off filming, so I make sure to make up the time with my friends when I get home, and catch up with school.  The balance has gotten easier, mainly because I’ve been at it for so long.  Everyone is really supportive, so it makes it easy for me.

In terms of education, how are your studies going? Does filming affect your schooling? How do you deal with it?

When we are filming, I am home-schooled and work with a tutor on set.  When I finish filming and return home, I enroll back in my public school and become a regular student.  The teachers are really great and help me to catch up if I’ve missed anything.

Having been in the industry for some time now, what would you say based on experience has changed for you in terms of how life works?

I try to lead a normal life when I’m not filming.  I do things with my family, hang out with my friends, and take Tae Kwon Do classes. Acting has helped me to be more social in my real life, which is great.  Also, my family keeps me grounded, I have chores to do, like most kids.

Thank you for joining us, what other exciting projects are you working on?

Thank you for talking with me!  Since it’s summer, I’m taking a break right now, and I’m going on vacation to Europe with my family, which I’m really happy about!  I’m always excited to see what new opportunities come my way, and I’ll be sure to let you know when they do.

The Detour airs on TBS

Photo Credit: Michael Creagh